Philander Chase



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Chase proposes a plan to satisfy all parties in regard to the dispute over the power of the Board of Trustees and who will hold the funds for the Milnor professorship.




St. George Church, Milnor Professorship, Mr. Tappan, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Smith, Mr. Kip, St. Ann's Church, trustees


P.S. Dr. Brother

29. Jan: 1829

Since writing the above my painfully busy mind has fallen on the following expedient to save the Milnor professorship For the reasons stated in my letter, we never can consent to the placing of the funds of that professorship into the hands of any new body unincorporated; but we will consent to their being placed in the hands of the [?] of St. Georges Church N.York. Provided the sd. Body corporate give bonds to “The Trustees of the Thel. Seminary of the Prot. Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio” for the faithful performance of their duties in the payment to their order of the Interest quarterly accruing on the money and on all bonds and other securities according to the terms mentioned therein.

These Bonds to be given at delivery of the funds into their hands & transmitted to me as agent of the Thel. Semy. under your [?].

In regard to the 1st. Condition, I have in my accompanying letter [sd.] nothing But by comparing that condition with Mr. Tappan’s first subscription you may at once perceive the difference. Nothing is said about the “successor” or “successors” to the Dr.’s of nomination. Who these may be after the Dr.’s decease and that of the person whom he appoints, we know not. Yet it is our duty to guard against evils tho’ even so distant.

As it is not the right of presentation but only that of nomination subject to the approval of the Ohio Trustees of the seminary I see in it no great hazzard [sic] provided there there [sic] be a remedy in case of a difference between the nomination & Trustees of the Seminary. Suppose it should be this Let the objections to the person nominated be made known in writing to the nomination and simultaneously another named. If the former candidate be [?] to the objections to him be considered as insufficient let the whole case be referred to the Rector [Warden] & [Vestus] of St. Anns Church Brooklyn for the time [being] and these their decision as to which of the two candidates shall be appointed be decision if made within six months after the references; if not Let the Trustees of the Theo:l. Seminary of the P.E Church in Ohio both nominate and appoint whom they please. How

If you, Dr. Brother, like the above & think with me that it will satisfy all parties I beg you to lose no time in transmitting it to the Committee who address you on this subject.

I promised Mr. Taylor I would write to him more at large soon. I think now it will not be best for me to say anything more to him or the Committee on this subject, but only that you are in possession of my judgement. Touching the promises and the will [?] with them in my name as well as in your own.

Your Bond & that of Mr. Smith of Va. with other papers were lost and found again in my pocket Book which still remain in the hands of Mr. Kip of N.York. I referred Mr. J. H. Taylor to them & he no doubt has seen them. You can take them commit them into the hands of the Warden & [?].

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