Philander Chase



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Chase asks his wife to meet him in Gambier and recounts a recent visit with George, where he was horrified by how drinking has changed his appearance.




Kington, Mr. Bloodgood, Milnor Professorship, Martha, Mrs. Trinder, George, Randolph


10 June New York

My Dear Wife:

Tomorrow morning at 7. I set off in the S.B. for Kingston. With Mother I shall pass 26 hours and then to Albany where I shall stay to do some business moment with a Mr. Bloodgood.

I know of no other detention on the [read] till I arrive at Gambier. Can it be possible that you can meet me there? O how rejoiced should I be to anticipate one day of the time of meeting all I love of woman kind! I wish you could be present at the opening of the goods -- we have a good assortment, for Kenyon College. If you can come, do come if not drop me a letter.

The Milnor Professorship is made secure. Praise the Lord!

I was sick yesterday & last night but am better now. Martha [Geer] & Mrs. Trinder have called to send love.

I have tried to write on the opposite side something like good news. And sure tis good.

But the manner of doing it is bad enough.

If you knew the cause you wd. not wonder.

I have been to see my wretched George. But O how changed! so awful a spectacle I never saw. Eyes bloody with inter[?] cheeks swollen, mouth drawn at the corners and the whole aspect ghastly beyond description. I shrunk back with horrour as the candle was brought from the dark words his face. I told him he was much altered ever so that I should not know him. But I found his mind as much distorted as his body. So prostrate & perverted was his reasoning powers that I cd. have no satisfaction in talking with him.

He would not go back to Randolph: but seemed bent [at] staying and dying here in this most wretched place.

I told him every family would be afforded for his return to Randolph but not a cent for his stay here in his drunken habits. But his image distracts me! I can hardly sustain myself!

Letter to Sophia Chase



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