Philander Chase



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Chase is anxious about getting his bill in the House of Representatives, but finds strength and peace in God.




Mr. Drummond, Brooks, Cranches


11. P.M. 23 May

My Dear Wife

I wrote you early this morning. This day I have spent in witnessing much disputing about nothing in the House of Representatives. I am ashamed of my country.

The Kenyon College Bill was not taken up: and I fear it will not be tomorrow. w

For this great disappointment I trust God will prepare my mind. Indeed I find He does. I feel more resigned: and begin to set about making myself ready to go on to Baltimore. Mr. Drummond talks of taking me thither in a little waggon. I shall take [Mrs’s] Brooks in a trunk prepared by his Father for the purpose, with me.

I entread [sic] you to be patient a little longer. Had I not better get a man & wife for servants to go on with me? Perhaps from NYork?

Saturday 24 May 1828. ½ 8. A.M.

A peaceful sleep and the sympathy of the good Cranche’s are great blessings to a person situated as I am. I thank God: and renewedly [sic] almost every hour & sometimes every minute of the day dedicate myself soul and body thought motive design, word, action, and life I consecrate to God’s service. I feel the sincerity of this; & by the influence (I trust) of God’s spirit witnessing with my spirit I have faith I have hope, that God will thro the merits of his Son pardon my sins, yea that He hath done it: and will keep me from falling.

On this ground I stand.

Is it a false one? I feel I am nothing and worse than nothing. My Saviour, the Great High Priest stands between my perishing soul and the wrath of God. He puts on [insence], as Aaron did, and the plague is stayed: and I am saved. Who they would not rejoice? Though in the wilderness, and deprived of every comfort but God’s sparing mercy: tho’ pain and toil, and want and cold and heat and hunger and thirst await me: tho’ disappointment even in what I deemed holy hopes of entering Canaan some nearer way than by the way of this wilderness of suffering, sink my worldly schemes in despair, yet in God I will trust. While He is my guide I will fear nothing: while His hand sustains me I shall not sink. While the [?] of my [salvation] who was smitten for me remaineth I shall not want the [?] streams of divine favour. Jesus Christ came down from Heaven and is the Manna the True Bread of life I shall not therefore hunger. He is my Moses & my Joshua, my Land giver and my Captain & my Saviour, under his banners the Jordan of Death shall not make me afraid. At the touch of the feet of his priesthood the waters of Death shall recede so that the faithful shall unmolested by the powers of Hell pass into the Land of everlasting Rest. I feel all this but don’t shew it. My dear Blessed wife you will go to Heaven with me.


Letter to Sophia Chase



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