Philander Chase



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Chase is elated to hear of Mr. Atkinson's subscription, especially amidst frustrations surrounding Mr. Allen's subscription and the Milnor professorship. He tells his wife that her family in Washington are well.




Mr. Atkinson, Milnor Professorship, Benjamin Allen, Mr. Allen, Aunt Cranch


Wash’n 29. Mar: 1828

My dear Wife;

How happy I am in reading your letter of the 22. and Mr. Atkinson’s subscription! God be thanked! How evident is his hand in all things! When I felt so desponding about the filling of the Milnor professorship, the two thousand Dollars promised by Mr. B. Allen ($1000 positively) all thrown at hazard, by his, Mr. A’s departure for England, without leaving any reference (as to how I was to come at the money) except to his Church Missionary House Phil’a, which he said was coming on gloriously & would no doubt pay me in the course of a year!!!! I say, when suffering the agonizing feelings which this state of things produced to have this subscription of Mr Atkinson sent as it were from the hand of Providence; who but the most unbelieving would refrain from expressions of the most unfeigned gratitude to God the Dispenser of all blessings.

I broke open your letter in the presence of Brother Dudley: – & when I came to Mr. Atkinson’s letter read aloud. At coming to the promise of $1,000 to aid in filling any deficit which there might be still left in the Milnor professorship. I raft my eye from the paper to his eye: and what an expression of benevolence and gratitude did I see. Never shall I forget it! At once he burst forth into the full flow of praise to that Being who ordereth all things in mercy! But – to return to your letter which I set down to answer – Don’t give yourself any uneasiness about traveling a quarter fo a mile to feed the boys. All will & shall be arranged as you wish. – Don’t despond – your and Mrs Russels comfort shall be the guiding star in all our plans. –

Aunt Cranch and Elizabeth and all the family take a deep interest in all our prospects. I long to be with you. Nothing but the hopes of my Township keeps me here a moment. I feel almost ready to fly to you. Your faithful Hus’d

Phi’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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