Philander Chase



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Chase has officially offered the Milnor professorship to Dr. Keith and hopes he will accept.




Dr. Keith, Milnor Professorship, Dr. Milnor, Gambier, Alexandria Seminary, Mr. Creighton, Mr. Russel


In the morning of the 28 Feb.

My dear Wife

Yesterday I wrote my official letter to the Rev. Dr. Keith inviting him on the strength of Dr. Milnor’s nomination to accept the appointment to the Milnor professorship. To induce him to take this step I made some additions to the offer in items of convenience to himself and family during their residence at Gambier. I do not hold myself bound to make the same offers to every one hereafter as to him. For in fact I look on Dr. Keith as the best man in our country & perhaps the world for our purpose and to obtain him I would be willing to make many sacrifices. The letter will meet his eye at Alexandria Seminary sometime today: and if he accept at all I hope it will be in the course of a week. Last night I saw Mr. Creighton & Mr. Russel of Ohio. I hope they are favourably inclined towards my petition.

Your faithful & affectionate Husband,

Philander Chase

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