Philander Chase



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Chase discusses his affairs in Washington and tells his wife that he will have to go to New York to invest the money for the Milnor Professorship.




Mr. Gray, Georgetown, Mr. Douglass, Mrs. Douglass, Rev. Dr. Keith, Milnor Professorship, Mr. Vaughan, Nicolas Biddle, Henry Clay, Aunt Cranch, Uncle Cranch, Rufus Dawes, Congress, Dr. Milnor, New York



22: Feb. 1828. Wash: City

My dear Wife

According to appointment I dined with Mr Gray the Clergyman at Georgetown. Rev Mr & Mrs Douglass only were present: We talked much of getting the Rev. Dr. Keith to fill the Milnor Professorship. I have about persuaded them to consent to let him go with us.

In returning to Washington this morning I called at 10 oclock on the Minister Pleniso: & [?] [?] of his Brit: Maj. Mr. Vaughan, & was told that “he was not up.”

I went into Mr Clays and transacted the business of investing the remainder of the English fund, which is $7100 and odd Dollars. We have authorized Mr Biddle to use his discretion to invest it in any of the U.S. Bank Stock.

I found my letters on coming home had increased greatly on my table and much time it will take to answer them; therefore I have but a few minutes to devote even to you whom to write to is more pleasing than all the world besides.

I have given your loving compliments to all the Cranches: and in return they desire to be most affectionately remembered to you.

Rufus Dawes has gone to Baltimore to keep the birthday of Washington.

My hopes do not increase about the grant from Congress yet I do not the less trust in God’s goodness: If this be denied me I shall appeal to the sympathies of the Christian World: and therein or some other way God will give me sufficient to carry on the great work of which He is the Author in mercy.

I shall, and must; go to New York. The Milnor Professorship will have to be invested, and all things settled on the best and surest foundations.

Dr. Milnor has written me in ans’r to the inquiry whether he would consent to appoint Dr. Keith. His words are “if our respected Friend Dr Keith will accept the Professorship in your Seminary, there is not a clergyman in our Ch. that I should prefer to him.

Love to the Children

Your faithful & loving Hus’d

P. Chase

The accounts I shall endeavour to collect. Do you want any money?

Letter to Sophia Chase



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