Philander Chase



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Chase describes a dinner he attended at Mr. Clay's and a party with Mr. and Mrs. Adams, at which he had an opportunity to speak with a few other friends.




Dudley Chase, Henry Clay, Thomas Oakley, Mr. & Mrs. Adams, Charles Hammond, Mr. Hawley, Rev. Mr. Noble, Middletown



21. Feb. 1828

Washington City

My dear Wife,

Brother Dudley & myself took a coach yesterday at 5. P.M. and went to dine with Mr. Clay. About 20 were present among the rest Mr. Thomas Oakley. He has lately lost his wife. Mr. Clay placed me at his right hand and we had much talk: He said (in jest of course) you have so won all hearts in England that we think of appointing you to fill the vacant place in the Diplomancy as Minister to the County of St. James. Will you accept it? … So far as this goes to show the continued affection of our English friends to our holy cause I like it. But I would not relinquish my station as the humble instrument of doing good to the Church of Christ in the Wilderness even with no salary for the station of Minister Plenis[?] with its tens of thousands even to the count of St. James. But all this is too vain and boasting but to you who know how I wish to be always ready to go and leave this naughty world whenever God shall call me. I say always “O God call me home when thou pleasest but do no call me till I am ready.

In coming home Brother and myself stepped in a few minutes to see Mr. & Mrs Adams. It was their levèe and the house was full. The “Queen” was dressed in a light [blue] everything from top to bottom. The feather on her headdress of that colour was lofty & waving gently o’er her little flaxen curled hair. She told me that she had been very sick since I dined with her: but you see I have recovered [burning] to her pretty toilette. I soon left them after speaking with Charles Hammond who being evidently cornered was excessively made to me. In going to Mr. Hawley’s I met the Rev Mr. Noble of Middletown Con. going to the Rest.

Yours, P.C.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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