Philander Chase



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Chase updates Lord Kenyon on his progress with the petition in Washington as well as the development of the buildings in Gambier.




Ohio legislature, Congress, Kenyon College, Senate, Knox County


United States of America

Washington City

20 Feb. 1828

My very dear Lord Kenyon:

The Legislature of Ohio with great unanimity approved of my plan and proceedings: and gave me their authority to apply to our national Congress for the grant of aid in erecting the extensive & very expensive buildings of Kenyon College. For this purpose I have come to this place: and am most happy to state that amidst all our discrepancies my application is by many viewed with a favourable eye. The Committee of the Senate to whom was referred the consideration of my petition have reported favourably, and a bill, this day, is to be drawn to give me a township of land 6 miles square. This is the present state of things & very encouraging it is. What will be my final success God who hath the hearts of men in his hand alone knoweth.

I have been from home about five weeks but hear frequently that my family are all well. The great work in Knox County is going on well. The high waters, of which we have had more and in greater abundance than was ever known before, have done but little injury and in some instances great benefit. Our Saw mill is in complete operation and cuts from 3,000 to 4,000 feet of planks in the 24 hours. Our corn mill is also in operation tho’ not entirely finished. Many Quarriers and Cutters of stone are employed. Joiners & Carpenters are at work. And, in the spring as soon as frosty season ceases, the College already partly reared will go on.

My own health has not for years been better and tho’ extremely engaged in body & mind I never forget, one moment, to love your Lordship & all my English friends. Do tell them that while I live I shall never cease to pray for them.

Ever your Lordship’s most affectionate & grateful Friend

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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