Philander Chase



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Chase is conflicted with whether he should go to Gambier to see the ill Mr. Douglass, because he must also oversee the examination and ordination of Mr. Stem. He asks his wife for her advice and tells her to do what she thinks is best.




Humphrey, Mr. Wing, Mr. Douglass, Mr. Stem, Mr. Rev. Bauman, Thomas Douglass, Nathan, Mr. Adam



Sunday before sun up

30 Dec 1827

My dear Wife

Poor [Humphrey] is gone! I hope it will have some salutary effect on our thoughtless youth. Ask Mr. Wing to say some thing to the scholars on this awakening subject!

What shall I do about complying with Mr. Adam’s request to go immediately to Gambier to see Dear Mr. Douglass I am very desirous to do so. But what must I think of my duty to stay and attend to the examination and ordination of Mr. Stem?

The Rev. Mr. Bauman has sent word that he will be in Columbus & preach on Tuesday night Wednesday the examination must be had of Mr. Stem and if approved he will, according to appointment previously given, be ordained on Sunday next. What shall I do? Dearly as I love Mr. Douglass and ardently as I wish to be with him in his sickness I question if it be my duty to break thro’ all my engagements in these holy matters to go this week and see him. The Monday following the ordination I shall set off for Gambier and if God prosper me on my journey shall be by the sick bed of Mr. D on Tuesday [seven] night perhaps noon but the roads are so bad!

I have written a letter to Mr. Adams which I beg you to send by Nathan, on his return.

What Thomas Douglass will do about going I don’t know. Perhaps his parents have given him some positive orders.

A thought has struck me that Thomas could go & Nathan could stay at our house (if Adam has not come back) till I go to Gambier. But They [want] Nathan at G as Thomas (if he went) [ed]. hardly supply the place of his sick Father in the discharge of the manifold duties of that place so that unless you have absolute need perhaps had better go. But if he stay see & keep him to work for he is very indolent.

Do as you think best.

My address has been delivered to the Legislature and is now in print. God alone has the hearts of men in his hands -- He can make even the hardest willing in the day of his power!

I shall cause the address of which will send you a copy to be put on the desks of the members tomorrow. Perhaps on Tuesday some trial as to the result may be made. Wednesday morning you’ll see


Letter to Sophia Chase



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