G. W. Marriott



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Marriott tells Chase that Mr. Fermor, editor of a journal, is coming to Ohio. Marriott wishes to send Chase a packet containing subscriptions he has collected for the church in Gambier. The entire Marriott family has been ill recently but is recovering.




Mr. Fermor, Mr. Waldron, Mr. Stokes, Timothy Wiggin, Dr. Gaskin, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. West, Bishop of Salisbury



…long ceased from your mind, as it has from my own, and been succeeded by increased regard.

A Mr Fermor, Editor of the [?] Journal, who had a University Education, and early wished to enter the Ministry, is now parting for Ohio, in consequence of Mr West’s representation. He seems everything we could wish. The Bishop of Salisbury’s Nephew having gone to you have peculiarly rejoiced me. The Bishop seems well pleased, tho’ at first it surprized [sic] him.

I am to have the young man’s Father and Uncle with me soon. The latter has subscribed 20 [?] to the Church at Gambier, and desired me to tell you never to be afraid of applying to him. I hope to send you a large packet either thro’ Mr Wiggin (whom it is very long since I have seen) or some of the Irish Autumnal Emigrants, or a Mr Reynolds of Baltimore, lately at Stoke Newington (where he has a Brother, Dr Gaskin’s Apothecary) who is now in England as is to return in October.

My dear wife has been very ill with a serious fever. She is, I thank God, much recovered, and my children (who have been ill, as well as myself) are quite restored. I trust this may find you and yours quite well. There seems to have been some mistake about a letter from you to [Messrs.] Waldron and Stokes, or one of them. But, as they set out without having received your answer, they thereby evince the greater confidence in you. Adieu! My dear Friend. With our united best love and regards, I am ever very affectionately yours G.W.M.

Letter to Philander Chase



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