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Partially fragmented letter in which Marriott talks of St. David's College and hopes to hear about Mr. West again soon. His wife has just suffered a miscarriage. Mr. Baury is traveling home after fighting against prejudices towards Chase's cause in Edinburgh.


Summer 6-22-1827


St. David's College, founders' portraits, Mr. Baury, London, Rectory of Stoke Newington, Mr. West, Selina, Mr Cowburn, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Blaise-Castle, Barley-wood, Scotland, America, Ireland, Mr. Wiggin, Mr. Carrow, Lord Kenyon, See of Rochester, Bishop of Salisbury, English engraving of Kenyon College


X Kenyon College is placed immediately under yours in Q. Square. a similar one to be executed, by the same hands of St. David’s College. They will not only be good companions to each other, but most appropriate adjuncts of their respective Founders’ Portraits. Mr Baury has some present from the good Bishop to you, and a further one will soon be in my hands to forward. His last day in London was spent at the peaceful Rectory of Stoke Newington, and our dear & venerable Friend was able to enjoy his society, and has left on Mr B’s mind a very correct impression of his character.

I shall soon begin to hope that I may be hearing again of Mr West, and at no distant time see him, perhaps for the last time. He is devoted to duty, and duty will probably for the remainder of his life localize him. His knowledge of Ireland will be deeply interesting to you.

Our sweet Selina is, I trust, better. My invaluable wife has just suffered from miscarriage, but is recovering so well that I trust it will have produced no permanent ill effect. We always write in the warmest wishes to you & all yours. I am ever, my dear & venerated Friend, most affectionately yours, G.W. Marriott

Mr Cowburn’s you will remember as the last house in which you dined in London.

P.S. 22nd June. I have just time to add that a letter from Mr Baury at Liverpool announces him as by this time re-embarked. He will have my ardent prayers for his safe return to his duty. He found prejudices still existing at Edinburgh against your mission, & zealously exerted himself to remove them, & he hopes with success. God has over-ruled, & will continue to over-rule, all to the good of your Cause.


To Blaise-Castle, and that he must there obtain further credentials to Barley-wood. He will be devoured by those of your friends who have the happiness to see him here, after his….

You inquire who our two new Bishops are. We have as yet but one. The See of Rochester remains vacant, & seems as if it were forgotten amid (what Statesmen think) more important matters. Dr….

… in Scotland, but will soon be re-imbarking [sic] for America.

Mr Wiggin promises me that I shall see Mr Carrow, whom he and Lord Kenyon like very much, when he returns from….

… I am so much pleased, that I think of taking it regularly, & recommending some of my friends to do so. The Bishop of Salisbury is so much pleased with the English Engraving of Kenyon College that he has ordered….

Letter to Philander Chase



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