Philander Chase



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Chase explains why he thinks Davis dislikes him: he blamed Davis for stealing a load of hay in the winter of 1807.




Samuel Davis; Mrs. Packwood; New Orleans; New York; Mr. Harrod


New York Dec. 2nd 1818

To the Rev. Geo. Boyd:

Rev. and Dear Brother:

Your favour of yesterday is now before me: and you see I lose no time in giving it a reply.

When asked for the cause of Davis’s enmity to me my reply was that I supposed it arose from a marked and designed neglect of him on all occasions since the winter of 1807. The reason of this neglect I stated to be his general bad character and his unjust and illiberal treatment of me in particular; a treatment evidently (to my mind at least) designed to lead me into a quarrel; in which, if I judged from other instances, he delighted. Two instances of this nature occurred to my mind: The one of the Boat or Ark - and the other of the load of Hay or [?]. Judge Prevost sent me this load of [?] or hay gathered from his plantation as a present, and the next day inquiring of me if I had recd it. I told him no but that I had seen sent a load [?] into Davis’s yard and Davis directed it as he stood on his gallery to be driven round his home towards his stable or hovel where he kept his horses. Judge Prevost signified that he should not mention it to D. but let it rest - and would send me another load which I think he did.

This I never hesitated to state when I [thought] it proper to my friends in N. O.

As Davis denies this transaction I told you Judge Prevost would probably recollect it and his statement of the last would show the truth; and as I was going on to New York I would see him for that purpose.

When I arrived here among my first inquiries was that for the sacd Judge Prevost: but found he had some time since left this for South America in [?] employ.

As it will be difficult for me to obtain an answer from him under the lapse of more time than can be reasonably spared I think I must postpone this proof of the truth of my words and rely on my general character for veracity.

Mrs. Packwood says she can recollect my having stated this matter (of Davis’s purloining the load of Hay of [?]) while in N. Orleans - and she thinks she mentioned it to you when she had the pleasure of seeing you in N. York.

I have red a letter from Mr. Harrod promising me the honour of a visit as he passes from Boston thro’ N. York to Elizabethtown. His letter bears a very different aspect from the [?]ations said to have come from his before the Committee. When I see him I trust the whole will be satisfactorily explained.

Pray make my respectful compliments acceptable to Mrs. Boyd and believe me to be

Your sincere and grateful

Friend and Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Reverend Boyd



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