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While temporarily stuck in New Jersey due to inclement weather, Chase writes his wife with the details about his time in Philadelphia. He discusses ongoing interactions between himself, Bishop Hobart, Dr. Gaskin, and Bishop W.


Winter 1-19-1827


Philadelphia, Bishop W., Lord Kenyon, Bishop of Canterbury, Dr. Gaskin, Stoke Newington, London, Bishop Hobart, G.W. Marriott, S. Boat, Albany, Sister Maria.


Hoboken 19 Jan: 1827

My dear Wife:

I closed a hasty letter to you last evening: but as we are detained here by the cold weather I wish to imploy my moments agreeably I will write you again though I have no new incidents & fear my letter will be dull.

While in Phila. I told you of everything which I thought worth your notice in detail: yet as to the general effect of my visit there and the impression that the whole has left on my mind I think I have not informed you.

Philadelphia is a noble city: It contains men of great worth as it respects both piety, benevolence, and talent. The frigidity of a certain class, however, prevents the current of these very estimable streams of goodness from flowing as freely and extensively as they might do. But flow they did and flow they will, in spite of all the cold blasts which may impede their course. God detained me in the bosom of this estimable people that I might see abundant reason to dismiss my former prejudice and love them as I should do: and I will assure you the effect on my mind to this end has been most signal By the means which were taken to speak of the wants of our Western Churchmen as it respects both Religious and learning a cord was struck which awakened the tenderest sympathies: & the response was deep, thorough, and effectual.

The voice of Opposition was silenced and those who were given to sneer and cavil were made to put on the smile of approbation.

In all this, the work of God in controling [sic] the powers & baffling the designs of the Enemy was most conspicuous. Bp: W. had approved of the Seminary, yes I say the Seminary: and this having been made known by Lord Kenyon to the arch Bishop of Canterbury and gotten his congratulations & finally published here, what mouth now could utter a word, what tongue could [lisp] a syllable in opposition, tho’ the pursestrings of the whole City were untied, & the benevolence of their very Friends were pouring in upon us.

Besides this Bishop. W. had r’d. a letter from Dr. Gaskin of Stoke Newington London which took it for granted that the good Bishop was the real as he had appeared the public or [professed] friend of the Ohio Seminary , and which set forth Bishop Hobart in rather an unfavourable point of view; which Bp: W. well knew Dr. G. would never have done had not the whole High Church in England become quite incensed against the little man of NYork [?] copy of this letter from Dr. Gaskin to Bp. W. was sent me by G.W. Marriott: and having it I could see the secret movement of things most clearly[e]. The Bishop in his conversation would often allude to Engd. and ask me of this or that man and always something of Dr. Gaskin. I never failed to tell him what is so true that the said Dr. was most esteemed by the Bishop & Arch Bp. and generally knew well this sentiments.

By these means I could see how effectual the controling [sic] power over the minds of the [?]. Besides they knew I had just [re’d] a cargo of letters all of which triumphed in the success of of [sic] Kenyon College and [moumed] over the fallen state of the Little man and all his adherents. Should, then, they stir what might be the [effect]?

But I tire you dear wife as myself by these insipid details.

The weather grows colder & colder. Twice has the S. Boat endeavour to come to take us to NYork and as often has been beaten back by reason of the ice. What shall I do? Don’t be surprised if you hear next from me at Albany! But wherever I am I am your faithful Husband

P. Chase

One oclock P.M.

The steam Ferry boat is approaching - but slowly I go down to the Ferry House; & hope in a few hours to see dear Sister Maria.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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