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Thanks Boyd for the kindness shown to him; updates on the testimonials that will be said about him for his consecration.




Bp. Hobart; Bp. White; Samuel Packwood; Chandler Price; Mr. Brand; Mr. Harrodd; Mrs. Boyd; church


New York Nov. 18th 1818

Rev. and dear Sir,

I arrived here yesterday and was affectionately received by my Friends. Bishop Hobart has gone into the interior of his Diocese and will not return till the latter end of next week. He was out when I called with the communication from Bishop White. I left him in his study and when I called again found just starting on his journey. I had the pleasure of but a few words with him.

Mr. Packwood most cheerfully signed the paper you sent him and would have gone further in his statement of the matter in question but for the consideration that you deemed the form prescribed sufficient. The testimonial referred to will I will inclose in this letter. Before you present the paper to the Committee it is my particular request that you go to Mr. Chandler Price of your city and shew him Mr. Packwood’s name and get from Mr. Price Mr. Packwood’s character and standing. By knowing this from so respectable and well known a Gentleman as Mr. Price you could be able to judge of the weight of the testimony before you; and so it would have its due weight. Mr. Packwood drew the pen thro’ the post Script of your communication to do away the impression that he was under any fear in doing what he conceived to be his duty; at the same time apprised as I am of the quarrelsome and revengeful disposition of the character of the person whose testimony Mr. Packwood’s disposition materially affects, I hope no use of what my friends do for me may be the means of harm to them.

Mr. Brand will give his testimony tomorrow as will Mrs. Packwood and Mrs. Brand. The two latter were communicants in the Church at the time of my pastoral care of the Parish in N. Orleans - If their testimony can not be relied on it is hard to say what can. I shall send them as soon as ready.

Mr. Harrod I hear has gone to New Orleans. I shall however make further inquiries and if still in Elizabethtown shall see him as soon as can get time. An item in Mr. Brand’s testimony materially affects the insinuation contained in Mr. Harrod’s statement so that I hope that will be considered a mistake. In the matter of usury Mr. Brand’s testimony also is much to the point and I think will do me justice. The magistrate will attend tomorrow upon the L[?]. I pray God all things may work together for good.

I can not close this letter without acknowledging yours and Mrs. Boyd’s goodness to me in a moment when of all others i needed the kind attention of a friend. Forever blessed be the Good God who thro’ your kind attentions to me soothed my agonized spirit in the greatest trial He had ever suffered to befal me. May He reward you for your [for your] disinterested goodness in showers of choicest blessings!

Do mention me respectfully to all who inquire after me.

Address me at No. 18. Courtland Street NY and now and ever regard me as I am in haste

Your grateful


Sincere Friend Phil. Chase.

Letter to Reverend Boyd



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