G.W. Marriott



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Fragment of a letter in which Marriott mentions he has sent enclosures to Chase and writes of tension amongst Bishops and others.


Winter 12-1826


Welford, Liverpool, Hinckley, Lord Byron, Duke of Bedford, Lord Holland, Norris, Controversialist, Rugby Bible Society, John Bull



As highly as ever did he of you. I could not get him to talk of the Bishop, tho’ I purposely mentioned him. I am anxious that the two enclosures should reach you, and hope I have now directed this right. I ought to have sent this to you from Welford, but am assured it will go as soon from hence, & will join the mail to Liverpool at Hinckley. How truly disgusting the attention paid to Lord Byron’s remains by the Duke of Bedford, Lord Holland etc is! I fear for Norris as you do. [Sikes] made him a Controversialist immediately after he had stept on the very threshold of religion from a region as wide as the Poles from it. It is easy to overlook ourselves, I fear, in a constant war with others, & to diminish our own faults while we [?] theirs.

There is a very curious paragraph about the Rugby Bible Society in John Bull of this week. Pray get a sight of it—

Yours ever very affectionately,


Letter to Philander Chase



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