Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife that he has finished writing his appeal to raise funds for buildings for the College and Seminary. If the appeal is accepted he plans not to go to New York until next week. Chase updates his wife on his lameness and asks for more letters from his family.




Mr. White, Rev. Allen, Bishop White, Mrs. Bronson, New York, Fanny, Lucia, Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Wing, Mr. Morse


Phil’a. 21. Nov. 1826

My dear Wife

I have this day finished and set to the printer (Recorder) “Our Appeal in behalf of Religion and Learning in Ohio” Addressed to the people throughout the U.S. The object of this is to try and raise funds to enable us to go on with our buildings. What success will attend my endeavours remains to be shown. Having left Mr. JW. White’s where I was treated with kindness & hospitality I am now at the Rev Mr. Allens, also gives me great encouragement about my Appeal. Haste is not desirable not wishing to interfere with the Collections which are now making for the Gen’l Seminary – I mean the Seminary in New York. Let them get through & we will begin. Bishop White has lost his daughter Mrs Bronson very suddenly. My lameness in my heel still continues. Dr. Mitchell a young physician much thought of in this city examined the sore this morning, and advises me to remain within doors and keep my foot up for a few days in hopes of a complete cure. Business however is so pressing as to compel me to be about so there I fear I shall be but a disobedient patient. Today however I have obliged and am this moment ½ past 10 P.M. sitting as I have done since morning with my foot in the chair. In every other respect I am thro’ mercy very well.

If my appeal takes I shall not probably go back to N. York till next week the latter and or the beginning of the week after. In the mean time you will hear from me.

I sent on to Maria to send Fanny’s things to me in this City with a view to forward them by Mr Morse but unfortunately they did not arrive till he had gone! They are now in this room. I think I shall sent them with the Books for the school.

I feel exceedingly anxious about home having no late letters. When shall I be with you and my dear Children once more? Nothing but a deep consciousness that it is God’s will that I should now exert myself as with a last struggle would make me consent to this painful banishment. Tell the dear Children that if they say their prayers as fervently for me as I do for them I trust God will bless them. Do embrace them most tenderly for me. Tell them to be good and obedient and I will try to remember them in a present on my return.

To Fanny and Lucia & Sarah and Mr. Sparrow and Mr. Wing make my best & kindest love acceptable.

Pray for me dear Wife that God would support me in this most painful duty of my life begging of my own Countrymen for their own Church. May God ever bless you! Your faithful P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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