Philander Chase



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Chase writes his wife with a request for papers to be sent to him and updates her on the closing of the Convention.


Fall 11-15-1826


Mr. Clay, House of Bishops, Convention, Bp. Griswold, Bp. Bower, Bp. Brown, Ohio, Mr. Morse, Steubenville, New York, New Orleans


15 Nov. Phil: 1826

I have unfortunately omitted to mention in my late letters to you the request that all the papers relative to entrance at the custom House of the goods, types etc. might be sent to me under cover to Mr. Clay at Washington. One trial more will be made to get the duties on them all remitted.

I am now in the House of Bishops & hope that the business of the Convention will be closed this evening, but fear that I may disappointed. The truth is I have become quite tired of the confinement which I perceived is attended with so little good.

Bishop Griswold will take leave of us he says tomorrow morning. Bp: Bower went away a few days ago, under deep affliction by reason of the sudden death of his daughter. Bishop Brown also left us to attend on his Wife whose health is in a critical state; she having become lately the mother of two children at a bith.

16.-- (at my lodgings) The convention closed last last evening and I have risen this morning to thank God and write a few lines to you the best of wives.

How to get the things for [farming] to Ohio in time I know not Mr. Morse will & must set off immediately so that if they come from New York hither I know not how to send them except by the carrying waggons. In that case she will not expect them till they can have been carried on by the boys from Steubenville.

I shall stay here a few days return to N.Y.

My New Orleans town not yet determined [?]: but you must not be grieved if you do not see me till Spring.

I submit to God’s will -- I hope you will not murmur at it.

Ever your faithful & affectionate Husband

P Chase

Mrs. S. M. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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