Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife to give his love to their children and asks if she can arrange to have his flock of sheep sent to a Mr. Melick.




Mr. Sparrow, Philander Jr., James Melick, Mr. Dickinson


Gambier site of Kenyon College

July 26, 1826

My Dear Wife,

I wrote Mr Sparrow this morning and have told him all the news. So that you are spared all the disagreeable in this letter and listen only to words of unabated affection and to assurances of continual prayers for your happiness and that of all at home. Kiss the dear Children and thank Mary & Henry for their short visit. How I envy you the pleasure of embracing daily our deal little Philander! Tell dear Lucia that I think and pray for her daily. To Sister Fanny say all things which paternal affection can dictate.

Pray send me one quire of letter paper and a fine tooth comb and all the letters you can muster.

Your faithful & loving Hus’d

Phr Chase

Turn over

Could not my flock of sheep be sent to James Melick Father? He is to keep them thro’ the winter. That which was given me by Mr Dickinson will be at Mr Melick’s next week. If any man be coming here to whom the flock can be entrusted pray send them. In haste again & forever yours P Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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