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Bishop Hopkins is interested in the idea of exchanging pupils with Morse but regrets that he is too busy with his own family at the moment. He tells Morse to come through Pittsburgh if he attends the General Convention.




Mr. Campbell, Jones family, General Convention, Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh June 13. 1826.

Rev’d & Dear Brother,

Your affectionate letter of 6. May was rec’d by the hands of Mr. Campbell but an unusual pressure of business followed by a fit of sickness must plead my apology for postponing the answer.

I should be glad to call upon the Jones family whom you mention & pay them any attention in my power, but I do not know where they live, and have not the means of discovering until they make themselves acquainted with me, which they might at any time do after or before service. I am but seldom in town unless when I go to visit the sick or on business and our congregation has grown out of my knowledge in just measure. A fact by the way, attributable directly to my being so near sighted that I do not recognize the people in church at all. My avocations & my confinement are both very seriously increased by our late arrangement with regard to the children of a number of our friends who live & learn with us as our own. So that for some time past a greater drudge could not easily be found in Pennsylvania. I am however, a very thankful & contented one.

This idea of exchanging pupils with you is a very good one and I should be much pleased to act upon it frequently but for the clog just mentioned. My little school, or large family whichever it may best be called, absorb my time as yet to a great degree and my constant presencce is felt to be more necessary to Mrs. H’s comfort now than ever. Nevertheless I hope to be able to fix on some time to gratify our & congregation by seeing [?] & you once more, and if this can only be by exchange, why we must submit.

It would have been highly satisfying to me to have attended your convention but situated as I am I could not without much difficultly contrive even to attend our own. I was [?] a delegate to the General Convention, which I presume you will attend. If so come by the way of Pittsburgh, and if we are spared, I shall have the pleasure of travelling with you.

Your affectionate friend & Brot. in Christ,

John H. Hopkins

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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