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Chase is determined to have Mr. Campbell come to his seminary. He thinks containing the College to theological studies is better than approaching broad studies, and he hopes ot secure more subscriptions to increase funding. Chase also asks Intrepid to come give a sermon at his general meeting on June 2nd and 3rd.


Spring 5-3-1826


Mr. Campbell, England, English Fund, Knox County, Clairsville, Zanesville, Judge Holmes, general meeting, Mr. Sparrow, Mt. Vernon


Coshocton 3 May 1826

Dear Mr Morse

I like Mr. Campbell very well, and will do all in my power to encourage his coming to our seminary. To this end I will write to my friends of the East who gave me the encouragement you mention from the education society. Mr. Campbell’s very rapid and [composed] manner of reading must some how or another be cured or he will never make an intelligible speaker: he may be a [Moses] but he will never be an Aaron. In all other respects I like him very well.

I meet with good success in the matter of subscriptions, and I think if we were all to exert ourselves the great object before us of writing, the inestimable usefulness of an extensive college to that of a Theological Seminary might easily be accomplished. The plan before we will do it: but if we fail we may as well at once relinquish the thoughts of it. On any small scale it would be worse than idle to attempt to sustain the interest of a college for all professions: we should become the object of contempt. Far better would it be to confine our sphere of action solely to Theology. Far better did I say? It becomes our founders duty so to do; if a full balance to our English Fund be not created in America to answer the additional demands of a College. I have lately received some communications from the Trustees in England both asserting and maintaining this principle. Nothing less than the object before us in Knox County should divert us from our humble theological school on my farm at Worthington. Any attempt to pare off the corners of this our Knox County plan with the humbling hand of of [sic] Fear of avoiding trouble and odium would be to ruin the whole. If the Lord will no less than the whole South Section should be cleared to us or give up the plan and with it all thought of a public College. The public mind in this country and especially in England will be satisfied with nothing less than this. If we obtain it there is a broad [?] on which to build the super structure of a great extensive and [respectful] College and with it promote the interests more effectually of our theological department. It will lift its head to the admiration of the Christian world. Thousands will give it aid and then thousands will pray for its success. The living will exert themselves in its favour and the departing saints will bequeath it [them] [substance]. And with such an object for the glory of God and the good of our dear Country in our view shall we be timid and shrink back at the appearance of some few obstacles which happen for the trial of our faith in all attempts to remove evil or do good?

No my dear Nephew; let us press forward in the [view] of our Master [ever] dismayed.

And when we shall have done all we can commit the event to God.

I am quite sorry you did not give me some comfortable news in the all-important business of Subscriptions. I depend much on you at this crisis. [H:] Clairsville ought to do a great for us: can not you go there and give them notice (of the General Meeting in Knox Cou.) in [Monroe] County?

The people in Zanesville are quite stirred up both about building a Church and about our College in Knox County: they will do nobly. Pray come that way and do what you can.

Judge Holmes, who has lately so far surveyed the South Section as to be able to give a correct map of it for the satisfaction of all who assemble at the examination of the lands at the great meeting on the 2 and 3 of June, says it is the best section in the State. It far exceeds the opinion which I had from former examinations formed of it.

I beg you to come prepared to preach [us] some of your best sermons at the great meeting. I think it will be the wish to have D. Service on the spot on the 3d. and perhaps our ordination of Mr. Sparrow there or in Mt. Vernon on the 4th. Will you preach his ordination sermon. We never shall have so fair an opportunity to do good to the cause of God and his Church as (perhaps) then.

Pray make my best love acceptable to all who may condescend to think and pray for your and their poor wandering but faithful friend

P. Chase

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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