Philander Chase



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Chase requests financial assistance for the purchase of land in Knox County and invites Hopkins to a meeting on the Knox County grounds on June 2nd and 3rd.


Spring 5-3-1826


Knox County, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Holy Orders, Mr. Campbell, Bp. White


Coshocton 3 May 1826

My Dear Brother,

The great object of having a college in this western world wherein our youth can be trained in the paths science and virtue under the maternal eye of our venerable Church increases on my view and fills my thoughts by day and my dreams by night. This can be attained now, if the liberal and philanthropic will exert thereafter.

The great plan in Knox County increases in intent the more it is examined. A survey of the south half of the 8,000 acres took place a few days since. It far exceeds the expectations of the most sanguine. So that I venture to say with confidence that, if we can by subscriptions and the sale (in time) of the north half ([see] the [pamphlet] of the purchase) -- the south half (4000) will prove to the Institution a fund [wich] by worth the interest of $50.000. This for college purposes joined to our English fund of $35.000 for the encouragement of theological al [sic] studies will command the respect of man kind. So great an object is worthy of our most strenuous exertions. Can not you assist us by applying to some of our most liberal friends in Pittsburg [sic] and Greensburgh [sic]? Shall I perish here alone in the woods without one hand being streched [sic] forth to help me? If we fail to secure the first payment in 1827. ($5000) we shall not go on with our plan: but shall sink to a small domestic school of divinity on my farm at Worthington. If we succeed it will be a new era for the Church in the west.

Will you not honour us with your good company at our great meeting on the Knox County grounds on the 2 and 3rd of June? I think it likely there will our ordination at that time of Candidate for Holy Orders. Pray do come and much gratify.

To Rev. Mr. Hopkins

Your faithful and sincere friend and Brother

P. Chase

P.S. I like Mr Campbell and shall endeavour to assist him all in my power

Pray help him procure letters [?] from Bp White.

Do remember me to Dr. [Monry] and all who enquire after me.

Pray wake a spirit in our favour in [?]


Mr. Campbell will tell you how I am pressed down [?] care.

Address me at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co. Ohio

This one month for this.

Letter to Rev. J. H. Hopkins



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