Philander Chase



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Chase tells his son about his time in Washington and updates him on the progress with the Seminary and College. He asks George to give his best to his family at home.




Washington, Philander Jr., Dudley Chase Jr., Mary Chase, Henry Chase, Walter Chase, Fanny Chase, Eliza, Bethel, Seth Crooker, Lord Kenyon, Margaret Kenyon


Washington City Feb. 22


Dear George:

Your uncle has told you no doubt long before this that I am in the City of Washington with him: and altho’ we enjoy each others Society but little, he being [in] incessantly engaged in the Senate and I in other things yet when we do meet it is a mutual treat. — He has grown old like myself and soon with me must follow Aunt [Durkey] and Dear Philander. This reflection I hope with does not imbitter life tho’ it levels its vanities to the Dust. They consciousness of the speed of the [?] towards “the Haven where we would be” does neither man nor destroy our enjoyment on board, yet such is our desire to be at home that [?] we think our enjoyments retarded our voyage we would with pleasure quit them all.

I came hither to get some ministers from [?] Ch. in Ohio and to get the remission of duties on donations from England: in both of these objects I hope to be successful.

I frequently receive letters from home. All well but from little Babe Philander who as his mother writes is quite [tiny]. Mary was when I left her the largest fattest child of her age we ever had. Dudley & Henry quite well: the former had just before I left home begun to find he had a good memory; and in consequence to exert himself and shine. Walter is a fine lad & keeps up with any his age in school. Fanny is still a [close] student; and altho she is frequently ill in health and works hard yet few of the Scholars read so much as she.

Our Seminary is not yet fixed yet students press in and things look promising. If we could get wherewithal to sustain our College we could do much good. — I was most happy to what thro’ your Uncle Dudley of your prosperity. May God ever bless you in the ways of well doing. Give my best love to my dear Daughter Eliza your wife. Tell her to hearn her Child to say God bless Dear Grand Pappa! When you see your [Aunt] Olivia pray remember me most kindly to her. Do you ever go to Bethel? And Royalton? If so don’t forget to tell all your Aunts and Uncles how much I love them and how sincerely I beg their prayers. Dont forget me when you see Mr. Seth Crooker. Most happy am I in hearing of his prosperity. Pray do you all go down to Church at Bethel? I hope whenever there is Sacrament there you all attend — “Draw might unto God & He will draw might unto you.”

I have lately while in W. re’d 2 long letters one from Lord Kenyon & the other from his Dear Daughter Margaret. Ask Uncle D. how he liked them? For I let him read them. May God bless you Dear George! Your loving Father,

P. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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