Rev. John Hall



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Hall sends Morse of copy of the subscription paper in favor of placing the Seminary and College near Mt. Vernon, he also tells Morse that the power for professors to confer degrees under the name "Kenyon College" has been granted.




Mt. Vernon, Franklin County, Mr. William Hogg, Knox County, Board of Trustees


Ashtabula Feb. 20. 1826

Rev. & Dr. Br.

I have just re’d from our Bishop a request that I should send you a copy of the subscription paper in favor of his Mt. Vernon plan for the Location of our College. He informs me that the Bill giving to the faculty of our Seminary the power of conferring degrees in the Arts & Sciences under the name style and title of “The President and Professors of Kenyon College in the State of Ohio” has passed the Legislature.

When he wrote me he was on his way to Washington, whither he has gone to petition Congress for aid to build “to the glory of God and the good of our dear Country” the College whose “cornerstone is now laid.” He is indefatigable in his exertions to this end. I think we should be so in ours.

“Concerning the Location of our College & Seminary, on the Mt. Vernon site, it will depend entirely on the exertions made in the Northern & Eastern parts of the State. You see, says he, what they are doing in Franklin County. The amount of this offer will exceed $20,000. Can you on the Reserve and Mr. Morse in the Eastern and middle part of the State equal this?” We must try — I should be glad to have you visit the Northern Parish if possible. I should also be glad to visit your parishes in the Eastern & middle sections of the State. Whether I shall be able to do so or not must depend in great measure on the state of my family. At present they are sick.

Be so good as to to correspond with me on the subjects.

Believe me ever yours in the Bonds of Christian fraternity

John Hall

Rev. Int. Morse

Whereas Mr. William Hogg of Brownsville in Pennsylvania has obligated himself to convey to the Trustees of the Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio, Eight thousand any of land, being his two military sections, lying together about five miles Eastward from Mount Vernon in Knox County, at a price far beneath their real value, provided the said Seminary be permanently established thereon; and whereas the accomplishment of this proposal will be of great benefit to this part of the Country: Therefore, We the subscribers, as an equivalent for that benefit, and to effect the payment for said lands do promise to pay to the Trustees of the said Seminary on demand after a reasonable notice, the sums annexed to our several names, provided the said Seminary be established, on the said lands according to Mr. Hogg’s proposal.

October = A.D. 1825

{Copied from another Subscription}

Banning — Mt. Vernon $500

Norton “ 500

R Wilson Perry 100

G. Melick “ 100

J. Trumble “ 50

W. Randon “ 50

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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