Philander Chase



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Feels terrible asking Dudley for more money; he has received a small sum from New Orleans which he believes will sustain him for a while.




Mr. Ward; George Chase; New Haven, CT; Washington, D.C.; Dudley Chase


Hartford Nov. 13th 1816

My dear Brother,

I am sorry that Mr. J. Ward the Bearer of this does not go thro. Ran’h, but as he has kindly offered to call for a letter I will [hazard] the writing of a few lines in hopes they will reach you, even from Woodstock, before you start for Washington.

George returned in good health and spirits from visiting you, delighted with his visit and full of hope.

The failure in my expectations of receiving a thousand Dollars from you by way of [?] will not be attended with those disagreeable [?] sequences I had expected. The receipt of a small sum from New Orleans has put me on my [legs] again for a little while - and I believe I can walk alone say for six months longer. By that time, the probability in there will be some changes in my circumstances.

Philander, not [subtle], has informed you ere this, of his entering the first class at Cambridge and of his doing well.

The Little Boy Dudley is a [?]. We long for the time when you will witness his incomparable qualities - Pray start two or three days earlier than necessary to reach Wash.g put in time, in or to spend some little time with us at Harford & Geo. at New Haven. I have much to say to you; which I don’t think proper to commit to paper. Don’t think however that I mean to trouble you with requests for money - The request which I made you by George has given me more pain than, I believe, it did you pleasure. I beg you to forget it if possible and be assured it never shall be repeated.

All the family are in very good health and often mention you with great affection - Do mention me kindly to Mrs. Chase your dear wife and if possible bring her along with you. My wife is full of plans and schemes and wants Olivea’s advice.

If Col. Ward should by chance go round to Randolph - pray for my sake, use him kindly. He is and ever has been my particular friend.

You loving brother,

P. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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