George Chase



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George updates his uncle on what has been going on in Randolph.




Captain Cotton, Mr. Eddy, Mr. Chadwick, Aunt Chase


Randolph Dec. 20. 1825

My Dear Uncle

I am now at your house, and have snatched a moment to write you by this mail. Imprimis–We are well–Capt. [Cotton] is now here. He drove up a cow yesterday which Mr. Eddy slaughtered today. She was quite fat. One half of it I am to take. The minutes are all entered regularly on your books. Mr. Eddy. is to kill his hogs tomorrow–or part of them. I have sent word to Mr. Chadwick to come and take one of them. According to your directions I shall take 2 [bbs]. This with the beef I should suppose would be sufficient for my use, and for the workmen we intend to have them the ensuing summer.

Yesterday I attended the Lodge when I served as one of the officers P.T. About 100 were present & the Hall crowded. A very bold step was taken by your Nephew-in-Law and the little Captain which their worst enemies could not wish to have been otherwise. Indeed 3 only, themselves included, supported the very unprecedented proceedings they recommended. In a political moral and logical point of view they have ruined themselves. I had given them credit for more sagacity, but “quem deus vult perdere prius.” I wish it were possible for me to communicate particulars, but you would not wish me to transgress the rules.

Christmas is approaching–but my family will not go to Bethel unless there should be a fall of snow.

Capt. [Cotton] desires me to tell you that he has received your letter and paper and would have answered it, had he “either spunk, spirit, or time.”

Horace has [brought] the [horse] up to the door for the purpose of taking Mary and Jemina to Bethel. He intends to stay there tonight and return in the morning.

I have nothing further to write save to assure you of my continued affection.

Respectfully yours,

Geo. Chase

P.S. Aunt Chase writes next mail

Letter to Dudley Chase



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