Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon updates Chase on the health of Dr. Gaskin and Mr. Marriott, and tells him he will send word to Mr. Kip and Bp. Hobart of the Trustees' decision.




Bishop Skinner, Henry Clay, Dr. Gaskin, G.W. Marriott, Cheltenham, Mr. Kip, Bishop Hobart, Dr. Stewart, Bishop of Salisbury, Mr. Davids, Edward Kenyon



Oct. 9


My dearest Bishop,

Having the enclosed to forward from the excellent Bishop Skinner, now that I trust letters will [?] you [?] thro’ the medium of your Secretary of State Mr. Clay, I forward it with pleasure, and rejoice in being able by God’s blessing to send a better account of our excellent friends Dr. Gaskin & G Marriott both of whom I [?] at Cheltenham, & I trust likely to be materially benefitted by the habits & waters of that healthy place. We were much alarmed for fear the good Doctor should have an apoplectic attack, from his being too [?] & taking too little exercise. I trust however in God’s mercy that he & the Church will be preserved from so severe a blow, as such a visitation on him would be. He was with me about 3 weeks, & gave us 2 admirable sermons & in his best & most [?] style of delivery. I shall write in a few days to Mr. Kip to explain to him what has been done respecting Bp. H’s suggestion, but without mentioning Bp. H’s name & to Bp. H himself to the like effect which is courtesy I feel I ought to do. I do however anxiously trust that all will henceforth be harmony on the subject of your blessed Seminary; that such has been your undeviating wish & endeavour from the first I can truly vouch. I heartily rejoice that even one additional assistant is coming to you, & trust it will please God so to increase the labourers in His vineyard as to support & uphold you their most blessed & invaluable father & director. The fatigues you endure would indeed make us despair did we not know that He in whose cause you are so spending yourself can temper the cold to the shorn sheep, & enable you to continue your invaluable spiritual nourishment to His flock in your wilderness. That He long may do so we all fervently pray. I trust it is not impossible that you may have intercourse with Dr. Stewart the excellent new Bishop of Quebec who I presume will leave this country for his Diocese before very long. Of the dear good Bishop of Salisbury I can thank God send good tidings. He is now taking his leave of Durham [?], as he has [lately] of Mr. Davids’ Diocese, & greatly have his feelings, & I hear Mr. Burgess’s, been hurt by the latter separation. I trust he will [spend] to our Church many years in his new Diocese of Salisbury, and shall hope to see him there next year. My dear Edward is at school, so can send no message, but my other 4 precious [orphans], of whose health you will be glad to hear, join in every affectionate wish with My Dearest Bishop your most obliged & grateful friend,


Letter to Philander Chase



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