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Kenyon copies letters from Bishops White and Chase regarding the Seminary and its reception.




Bishop White, Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York


Hoy Lake 7th July

My Lord Archbishop

I received yesterday a letter from my venerated friend Bishop Chase of Ohio, in which are the following expressions, which however, I should have felt so well persuaded your Grace would have believed to be entertained by him, that I doubt whether I should have interceded by communicating, had I not received from him the morning in addition a satisfactory testimony which I subjoin, in proof of the all powerful efficacy of [truth] and principle as such a [?] as that of the patriarchal Bp. White. Bishop Chase writes as follows, “tell the archbishop of Canterbury and York and the Bishop of London that I salute them in the Lord, pray for them, I beg their blessing. A better friend they have not among the [?] than their and your most faithful servant P Chase.”

Bishop White’s letter is as follows. “It gratifies me to find from various publications that your college is in successful progress. Unquestionably our source of supply of ministers for the Western States must be the education of Natives of those regions. That under the blessing of Heaven your exertions towards this work may be effectual is the wish & regard of your affectionate Brother William White.”

Bishop Chase adds, “Dear & venerable [?]! Hadst thou done this act of approbation, & offered these prayers where most I needed them, when the public eye was frowning on me, when my schemes were respected as visionary and my conduct as schismatical, hadst thou said & done this, boldly & timely, how wouldst thou have paved my way to the favor of those whom I have so long loved & revered, the Prelates of the English Church.” From the assistance which your Grace afforded this excellent & primitive Prelate, & which he so gratefully remembers I am sure the extracts I presume to [?] will be gratifying. Ausciously wishing your Grace many years of continued health I have known to be &e &e, Kenyon.

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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