Josiah Pratt



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Pratt tells Chase he is sending copies of the new statement by the Board of Trustees as well as the stereotype plates and apologizes for the delay. He assures Chase of his family's support for his cause.




Dr. Goodenough, Prayer Books, Mr. Kip, Bishop Hobart, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Sparrow



2nd July 1825

Right Reverend & Dear Sir

I have had the pleasure to receive your two kind letters of the 19th of February and the 14th of May. The prosperous state of your affairs gives us all much pleasure. The Trustees thought it right to issue a new statement. Herewith I saw some copies of it. It has already produced the support of another Bishop, Dr. Goodenough of Carlisle.

I send, by this conveyance, to Mr. Kip some copies of this new Statement with a request that he will distribute them among the Bishops & others.

The delay of the stereotype plates of the Prayer Book has been an occasion of much regret. They are now on board the Brighton, in the river, bound to New York, in two cases; and are accompanied by two cases of books, contained all that had been collected before you left, with some others. Lists of these books & of those sent to Liverpool are enclosed with this letter. All are consigned to Mr. Kip’s care, to be forwarded to you.

The boxes of plates contain 414 plates, 17 ounces of types to repair the plates in case of accident, and a set of proof taken [for] the plates to show that they are [entered] in good order. They form 11 sheets & a half of eighteens. A second set of plates has been cast by the founder, which he proposes to dispose of as he may have opportunity. From this set we shall probably take off an edition to be sold here, but were unwilling to detain your set for that purpose.

We have not yet seen Bp. Hobart, and we are ready to conclude that he has proceeded [direct] from the Continent to America.

I regret the delay in circulating the “Second Letter to Lord Kenyon,” but such events are sometimes unavoidable.

We shall watch with interest and affection the progress of your plans. God has so greatly forwarded your designs hitherto, that we cannot but trust Him cheerfully for their issue. May many faithful servants of Christ come forth from your walls, to preach glad tidings of great joy to their fellow sinners! And may the Holy Spirit shed his abundant influences upon them, that their ministry may be the means of bringing multitudes, in successive generations, to the full & cordial belief & reception of the Gospel! Then will all your cares & anxieties, my Dear Sir, be fully repaired, when you shall meet in heaven with your numbers, the purchase of our Saviour’s sufferings, but bought to the saving knowledge of His name by means of this very institution, the child of many tears, and much soil, & many prayers.

I trust that you will favor me, now and then, with an account of your proceedings & prospects. All my family take an affectionate interest in your concerns. My four older children are spending the summer with us in the country: my two younger are at present at home. Mr. Charles’ aged mother still lives, but waiting, faith & patience, the time of her departure. Accept for us all our respectful & affectionate wishes for the blessing of God upon you & all your family. With Christian regards to Mrs. Chase & Mr. Sparrow, I am, Dear Right Rev. Sir, I am ever most truly your sincere friend & servant,

Josiah Pratt

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