Philander Chase



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Chase discusses his project as well as Bishop Hobart's influence




Cincinnati Church, Bishop Hobart, New Orleans, Quebec, St. Paul's Church



Pamphlet that nobleman writes me under as follows

Thus Dr. Sir you have stamina of this fruitful [?] as it grew and spread itself in England. What has been done here except such [?] as reached across the waters I have taken no notice. The “protest of the Wardens & Vestry of the Cincinnati Church,” and what you’ll find in the “Repertory” together with what is contained in the “Christian Journal” and a few newspaper [?] contains the main part of what was grown on American soil.

Except my reasons for going today? Which wandering how far and wide Bp. Hobart had preoccupied the public opinion (from N Orleans [to] Quebec) against me I found it my duty to state without commentary, I have not published [page cut off here]. In England the honor of [page cut off] and [?] forbade it [page cut off] the opinion is more in [page cut off] ready than I deserve.

The unhappy division in the parish of St. Paul’s Church Medina have given me as much pain as yourself. I hope the Ancient hand of time blessed by the mollifying [auction] of the Holy Spirit of God will heal all their unreasonable [?].

Let us [?] the things that make for [?] and constantly and favorably pray that God would bring all things to a happy issue.

You see what the Legislation has in the very liberal act incorporating our [?] Seminary done for us! God be thanked who alone rules the hearts of men!

I greatly desire to find your [page cut off] of decided piety & talent [page cut off] know of any such pray [page cut off] than to your faithful & honorable friend,

Philander Chase

Pamphlet on Progress



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