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Act of Incorporation: includes original Act from 1824 incorporating seminary as well as 1826 addendum officially recognizing name Kenyon College.




Congress, Act of Incorporation, Allen Trimble, Speaker of Senate, W.W. Irvin, Speaker of House, House of Representatives, Senate, Diocese of Ohio. Mr. T. William




An Act

To incorporate the Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocess of Ohio

Whereas John M. Corkle and C. Hammond, a committee appointed on behalf of the convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the diocess of Ohio, have, by their petition to this General Assembly, represented that a seminary for the theological education has been established been said convention within this state, and in order to the more convenient management of the concerns of the said seminary, and to the permanency of its establishment in this state, have prayed that the said seminary may be incorporated,—Therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Ohio, That

2 the Right Reverend Philander Chase, now the bishop of the Protestant Episcopal

3 Church in the diocess of Ohio, Roger Searle, Intrepid Morse, Ezra B. Kellogg,

4 Samuel Johnston, Bezaleel Wells, William K. Bond, John Johnston and Charles

5 Hammond, the present trustees of the said seminary, and their successors appointed

6 in conformity with the provisions of the constitution of said seminary,

7 as now established, be, and they are hereby constituted, a body corporate and

8 politic in fact and in name, by the name of the “Theological Seminary of the

9 Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocess of Ohio;” and by that name shall

10 have succession, and be capable in law of suing and being sued, defending and

11 being defended in all courts and places, and in all manner of actions, causes and

12 complaints whatsoever; and may have a common seal, and change the same at

13 their discretion: and by that name and style shall be capable in law and equity

14 of taking and holding by devise and otherwise, or of purchasing, holding and

15 enjoying to them and their successors, any real estate in fee simple or otherwise,

16 and any goods, chattels and personal estate, and of selling, leasing, mortgaging

17 or otherwise disposing of said real and personal estate, or any part thereof,

18 as they may think proper: Provided that the clear income of such

19 real and personal estate, exclusive of any lands or tenements that may be occupied

20 by the said seminary for its accommodation, or that of its officers or professors

21 shall not exceed the sum of 20 thousand dollars.

Sec. 2. That the present trustees of said seminary and their successors in

2 office, under the constitution thereof, as now established, or as the same may

3 be hereafter altered or amended, shall have the care and management of said

4 seminary and of its estate and property, and shall have power from time to time,

5 to sell or otherwise dispose of its estate and property, and to apply the avails

6 thereof and all other funds of said seminary for its benefit and advantage as

7 they shall deem expedient; and shall also have power in conformity with the

8 provisions of the constitution of said seminary to make bye laws and ordinances

9 for the appointment of Professors and other officers of said seminary, for regulating

10 the duties and conduct of the Professors, officers, and students therein, for

11 conducting its business and concerns, and generally for the good government

12 of the same: Provided the same not be inconsistent with the constitution of the

13 United States or this state.

Sec. 3. That this act be, and hereby is declared a public act, and that the

2 same be construed in all courts and other places, benignly and favorably for every

3 beneficial purpose therein intended.

Sec. 4. That the General Assembly may at any time hereafter modify or

2 repeal this act; but no such modification or repeal shall divert the real and personal

3 estate of the seminary to any other purpose than the education of ministers

4 of the gospel in the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of

5 America

Mr. T. Williams

S. of H. of Rep.

Passed December 24th 1824 Allen Trimble

S. of Sen.


An Act supplementary to the above act.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, that the President & professors of sd. Seminary shall be considered as the faculty of a College, & as such have the power of conferring degrees in the arts & sciences, & of performing all such other acts, as pertain to the faculties of Colleges, for the encouragement and reward of learning; and the name style by which the sd. Degrees shall be conferred, & the certificates of learning given, shall be that of the “President & Professors of Kenyon College in the state of Ohio.”

W.W. Irvin

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Allen Trimble

Speaker of the Senate

Jan. 24, 1826

Act of Incorporation



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