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Kenyon discusses the recent subscriptions of the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, as well as ongoing issues with Bishop Hobart.




Mr. Hodgson, voyage to America, Mr. J. Watson, Bishop Hobart, Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York, Mr. Wiggin, Mrs. Mancoth, Mr. Wheaton, Mr. Pratt




July 19 1824

My very dear Bishop,

Having heard from good Mr. Hodgson (as such I am sure he is firm his attachment to you) of your safe departure for America, I cannot forebear sending you word that the Archbishop of York has authorized me to put down his name as a Subscriber to your cause. I wish it had come before you sailed but the cause of the delay has been Mr. J Watson informing him that he [verily] consented to make connect cause with Bp Hobart your [?]. He also wished to [subscribe] at the same time to the same amount with the Archbishop of Canterbury. I have written further to the Archbishop of Y. to state that you never did offer to make common cause with Bishop H. & to Mr. T. W. to let him know what the Archbishop understood him to say 2 or 3 days before this [?] left London. I think there should be some mistake, for Mr. W’s letter in his [?] names Bishop H’s [decidedly] states the contrary. & that was published in April & Bp. H. set out for Rome very early in that month. I was introduced to him at the Clergy [Sch.] on the 31st of March & he was to set out for [?] that very day I believe & take leave [?] at Lansbeth. The Archbishop of Y. says it was all along his determination to contribute to your fund. He looked for your ship [?] on the 16th affd. on the 17th & my [precious] daughter drew 3 or 4 ships that they [?] make sail [?] for the 17th I have no doubt received. How much you are valued by them I can not express. I have written to good Mr. Wiggin to ascertain directly from him all that [?] the [?] to you to each with Bp. Hobart, that the Archbishop may be [displeased]. I always [thought] [pairs] were used to prevent their names from appearing. Tell me how [land] [?] among us. I hope & trust however that we shall obtain [?] add’l sums to [fund] righteous cause. I am very glad [for] received dear Mrs. Mancoth’s letter; no one loves you more than that excellent woman who is well worthy of her good husband. She is gone to her brother John’s & will remain there at least for letters from N.Y. are from my previous mail’d this week. Mr. Hodgson has kindly promised to forward everything to & from you as speedily as he can & if anything [?] occurs [?] [?] be sure to hear as quick as I can communicate. This day my precious [children] looked for fun thro’ the lighthouse telescope. Let we trust you are far advanced [tow’ds] [?] as after you parted [?] we liked the [?] was [?] as available. All my precious children which are affectionate respect and believe me ever my very dear Bishop your [obliged] & most affectionate friend,


I have desired [?] to communicate with Mr. Wheaton among the statement attributed to J. Watson & also to good Mr. Pratt, & he will take care to do you all the justice we can. [?] [?] zealously the more others act unjustly. The Archbishop sent 25£ as the [?] thought, the Archbishop of Canterbury meant to give & he meant to give alike, but now we have Lord [?] I delay putting his name down, that both may come by then.

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