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Philander Chase is updating Lord Kenyon on his visit to Oxford and Chase's interactions with Lord Kenyon's son




Oxford, England Voyage, Mr Symmons, Dr. MacBride, Rev. Mr Bull, Vice Chancellor, Oirck Chapel, Mr. Hodgeson



Oxford June 14 1824

9 am

My very Dear Lord;

I called yesterday on your son, who immediately sent his servant with the letter to Mr Bull. In a few minutes he returned with a note inviting me to dine at Christ Church Hall. I had been previously engaged to dine at Orick; but hope to see Mr Bull again this morning. Today, as by the particular invitation of Dr Macbride I am to dine with a large company at his house.

In the morning yesterday I attended the ordination of several at the Cathedral of your son’s College. The solemnity of the service and the impressive manner of the Bishop of Oxford affected me much. The University Sermon at St Mary was delivered by the Rev Mr Bull and an excellent discourse it was. The cathedral service at Magdalen at once animating and [composing] beyond any thing I have heard.

After dinner I attended the prayers in Orick Chapel. This was the first of the kind I had seen in England when I came thro’ Oxford last fall. My [opinion] of it was not exaggerated beyond its worth.

Half past one

I had written thus far when Dr Macbride called on me to accompany me to the Bishop’s. We found his Lordship glad to see us, and very communicative. We then went to the Vice Chancellor’s who also received us very graciously.

On our way back we had the pleasure of calling on Mr Bull your Lordship’s very warm friend, of course by no means indifferent to me.

Our next visit was to Mr Symmons of Wadhams. This gentleman had just returned from London where he had heard much of Mr [N]’s attack on me. What Mr S. observed led me to think that Mr N’s opinions were not well received.

Thus my dear Lord I have given a succession of events: of what importance they may be [?] depends on your Lordship’s undeserved partialities in my favour.

I am to dine at the Vice Chancellor next Wednesday. No other appointments as yet.

I have taken the liberty to ask Mr Hodgson of Liverpool to [direct] to me [?] to your Lordship if any letters are from America within five days from this.

Ever most affectionately your Lordship’s most attached friend

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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