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Marriott tells Chase that the parcel being sent is a lithographic Engraving of St. David’s College and informs him that the Society for the propagation of the Gospel has started having public meetings.






St. David’s College, Dr. Ward, Bishop of Salisbury, Ohio Seminary, Society for the propagation of the Gospel, Mrs. Marriott, Seminary Chapel


Queen Square

8th June 1826

My dear and venerated Friend

A parcel going to you from Dr. Ward, I can not avoid adding a line from myself. The lithographic Engraving of St David’s College is a present from the excellent Bishop of Salisbury to you. The Inscription is not quite correct. It ought to have been comitatu de Cereticâ. I shall rejoice indeed to see a similar Representation of the Ohio Seminary.

You will rejoice that the Society for the propagation of the Gospel has begun to have public meetings, and will approve the Address. The smaller paper was distributed at the meeting.

Mrs. Marriott is well pleased with the Organ. How delightful is it to think of it’s assisting the devout aspirations of the future Assemblies in your Seminary Chapel!

I am, blessed be God!, very much restored as to health, and my dear wife and large family are well. George has commenced his career at Oriel with very favorable auspices. Pray let us hear again from you at your first leisure. With the united love of all this house to every member of yours, believe me, my dear and venerated Friend,

Most affectionately yours

G.W. Marriott

I am not a little curious to hear whether you have tried, and approve, mustard seed

Letter to Philander Chase



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