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Ward expresses his sympathy in hearing of the death of Marriott's brother and describes his own recent accident in which his son suffered a fracture in his leg.




G. W. Marriott, Reverend Ward, Bp. Chase



[?] near Halsted

April 13 1825

My dear Friend,

You will believe that the report of your sainted Brother’s death was felt and lamented in my house, as it must be in every house that even heard of and could duly estimate his worth his rare and eminent merit. His departure must be deeply felt by you and yours. But his memory and his example remain, and will help you all to travel along the same narrow path which he [had] on his way to Heaven. I can assure you his death has been much lamented by some dear relatives of ours, who knew and loved him dearly. “In the midst of life we are in death.” My dear Son and I have reason to say so, for we have [just] very narrowly escaped death. We were thrown “most violently out of a [?], by which my darling [Boy] had his thigh fractured, but I escaped, & thank God, with but slight injury. I trust however he is doing well tho’ we cannot yet be quite sure as it is but 4 days since it happened. He is about 16 years of age, and the accident has unfolded so much fruit of the seed that was early sown, that the discovery of such a heart is a cheap purchase even at the expense of all his parents have suffered on his account, even if all his bodily sufferings had been added to their mental anguish. Godliness is certainly profitable to young as well as old, and we see it confirmed even in this world, and never more conspicuously than under the severe accident of life. And when we see there accidents produce these effects, we may be sure that our merciful Father is training our children up for Heaven by these means among others. May He bless yours.

This event will prevent our intended visit to Town, I fear, in the course of the next month. I long to show my children and Wife to yours, and make them love each other from personal knowledge. Mine are very ready to do so.

In the mean time, they desire to be kindly remembered, and I remain, my dear Sir truly and affectionately yours W. Ward

I long greatly to hear from or of the [reverend] Bishop Chase

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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