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Lady Sparrow updates Chase on her family, her travel, her friends, and her correspondence with Lord Kenyon




New York, Lord Kenyon, Brighton, Sussex, Dr. Pinkerton, Bible Society, British & Foreign Bible Society, Mr. Wilberforce, Mrs. Hannah More, Dr. Stanrod, Church Missionary Society in Canada


My Dear Sir,

I have this day received your letter from New York, and shall take the opportunity offered by Lord Kenyon’s having forwarded it to commit this to his care, as he will probably be writing to you also, & thus all will go together. I am glad not to delay thanking you for your kind resolution, and expressing the pleasure it gives me to hear of your safety, the comfort you found in the letters & welfare of your family, & the birth of another promising boy. I cordially wish you may find in him amends for what you lost, & that the holy duty you were about to perform towards him, may prove indeed the seal of the Spirit. You have no doubt been ever since involved in important and arduous, though interesting occupations, & I hope your journey to their country will be [remembered] with the best blessings to your flock. I have as usual, been chiefly in this place since I saw you. I never leave it but when obliged to do so, and am thankful to be enabled to stay so much at home. I shall deliver your kind message to my daughter and her husband, but they are just now absent. They and their babe are, Thank God, in good health, and another expected by the end of January. The seasons this year have been very [unseasonable] & many have felt the consequences of the sudden changes. I have done so, and have been so pressed to try a little absence from hence, that I have consented to go to Brighton (in Sussex) for the month of November, after which I hope to be settled here again. Doctor [Pinkerton] who no doubt you have heard of, one of the [?] agents of the British & Foreign Bible Society, has been with me for 3 days. A man of great intelligence and information, above all of much piety. He has been nearly unfitted for all further exertions, by his not sufficiently considering his strength hitherto. he left me this morning. Mr. [Wilberforce] is getting well. [Mrs.] Hannah More is still a great [sufferer], but rather better. I hope you may [?] with Doctor [Stanrod], of the Church Missionary Society in Canada, a man who with all the attractions their country afforded from high conscious & comfortable circumstances, sacrificed all considerations to the course he has embraced. He was here for a day, & I regretted I could not be see more of him, as I did, when I found your transient visit here, was all I could see of you. It is wonderful that it should not be more natural to the mind to hope with delight & longing, to that him above, where Society will be perfect & uninterrupted, and all that [?] it here, done away for ever. Ld. Kenyon wrote me a note with your letter, in which I observed with great pleasure, his warm regard for you & the cordial zeal he feels in your cause, which I trust is meeting the attention & Consideration it so fully deserves. I hope you will [remember] your [promise] for myself & mine, in your prayers, and then whenever you are inclined to prove your kind [?] by letters, you will feel sure of the satisfaction you must bestow, on your very sincere well wisher & friend,

Olivia B. Sparrow

I am very glad at the subscriptions you mention from our Archbishops.

Letter to Philander Chase



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