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Chase invites Armstrong to the Ohio Convention in November and asks him to forward him the inventory and address of a number of boxes that he forgot to account for




Steubenville, Mr. Wells, Rev. Doddridge, Ohio Convention, New York, Wheeling, Chillicothe, E. Buckingham Jr., Dudley Woodbridge, Zanesville


Copy of a letter to Rev. John Armstrong at Wheeling OH

Jamesville, 9th October, 1824

Rev. & very dear sir,

My stay at Steubenville was so short as not to admit of my sending you word to meet me there as was my wish. I did hope to see you, however, in consequence of some message transmitted to you (concerning) the expectation of my being in Steubenville by Mr. Wells; but in this I was disappointed. The pleasure of seeing the Rev. Mr. More was also providentially denied me. He had you gone to the N. East corner of the state thinking I should enter the Diocese in that direction. Thus I am disappointed of seeing any of the Clergy except the Rev. Dr. Doddridge, who came over to Steubenville & preached in the afternoon of last Sunday.

I think I shall stay here till Monday next day after tomorrow; & then set off for Worthington, where for want of all other provision I shall, in all probability, stay the coming winter. I have there a house & provisions to support me in necessaries; & as to conveniences in the present necessity we must not think of them.

The 3rd of November: the time set for the meeting of our Convention at Chillicothe is a day of great moment; I beg of you, dear Sir, to give us on that important occasion your counsel. The matters which I have to lay before that meeting are, of all things hitherto in my life, the most important. The best characters of the choicest hearts in England are deeply engaged for Ohio & the West & if all things are conducted with wisdom, magnanimity, & prudence there are good hopes that the Edifice whose foundation under God we shall lay on the 3rd of Nov. will rise comely as Jerusalem, beautiful as Tirzah & to all the enemies of the Cross, terrible as an army with banners.

My goods were ordered from N. York to Wheeling but I forgot in the hurry of business to take the name of the house to whom they were consigned to wait my further orders. It was however the same Firm to whose care the goods of Smith and Johnston of Cincinnati are consigned. Will you dear sir make inquiry & write me the names of the persons who have them in charge, & also give me an inventory of the boxes that I may give orders. The haste I was in is my apology for this bungling manner of doing business. By the time you can write me my address will be Chillicothe where I hope to see you & all the Clergy a week before the Convention.

Yours, P. Chase

P.S. since writing the above I have conversed with [paper torn here] persons of information in Zanesville who inform me that there are boats which are passing from Wheeling hither on board of which my boxes can be shipped with great safety & that they will come hither Zanesville with expedition. If the gentleman to whom they are consigned in Wheeling will send them (all marked with my name) to the care of Eben. Buckingham Jr. Putnam opposite Zanesville, they may take this for an order to do so. All charges will be paid as soon as known. Should there be no boat coming immediately to Zanesville or Putnam please have the sd. goods forwarded to Dudley Woodbridge Esq. Marietta who is requested to send them as soon as may be to Mr. E. Buckingham Jr. Putnam.

Letter to Reverend John Armstrong



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