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Rev. W. Ward lists the friends that he has in different areas and gives Chase some general advice for the constitution of his church.




Bishop of Salisbury, Bullers, Nutcombs, [Danlish], Mr. Hoarc, Miss Routlidge, Mr. Majendie, Mary Ohio, Bishop of Bangor's Lady, [Bowdlers], Barth, Mr. Loitie, Bishop Dehon, Episcopal Society, Bishop Hobart


The sub dean of Exeter is a Brother of the Bishop of Salisbury and a friend of ours. So is the [Presenter], our friend. and all the Bullers, a numerous family & one of the chief families of that country, and the family of the Nutcombs, should you visit Danlish, we have several friends there, Mr Hoarc’s family are the principal. And when you are there I wish you would call on Miss Routlidge. She is a great & valid, & excellent & a clever woman, a Sister of Mr. [Majendie] the Bishop of [Bangor’s] Lady, & a very old friend of ours. Mary Ohio has written her a full account of her Bishop. I wish you saw her letters to her friends on this subject. The [Bowdlers] at Barth are my very old friends, cum multis aliis.

I hope the B. [Loitie] will have the honesty to insert Mr. Wheatons [refutation] in his next Review. It is very important that the antidote to the poison should follow as speedily as possible. I have got [Dehon’s] Sermons. That on the Liturgy is incomparable, so is the Sermon on the Episcopal Society, which is strictly applicable to your object. The Inscription on his tomb would suit one of the twelve Apostles. I am very envious to know more particularly the constitution of your church, and to see your Common prayer book, which, I think you said, has some additional prayers. What is become of Bishop Hobart? I hope there is nothing unpleasant likely to take place in your absence which hastens your departure for America.

Your political constitution hold your provinces together in wonderful union. What a disgrace would it be to the episcopal church, if her constitution could not keep her together in still stricter union. If you are united, heart, hand and worldly substance, in one holy bond of health, peace, faith, and charity, I am well persuaded, your church will gradually and rapidly increase in numerical and spiritual strenth and spread itself over that great quarter of the globe; but if you break into factions, you will fall back, and lose even the comparatively little ground you have gained. If every Bishop will merit the same inscription on his tomb, which is on the marble that covers the grave of the good Bishop [Dehon], then never can be any schism in the American-episcopal Church.

Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee that the course of this world may be so peaceably ordered by thy governance that thy Church may joyfully serve thee in all godly greatness, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Again, farewell! The God of peace be with you, prays your faithful friend W. W.

I would enclose this to the Bishop of Salisbury but it might be delayed and not so safe, and I am anxious that your kind letter should have the speediest acknowledgement.

Will you have the kindness, the next time we are favoured by a letter, to come at the sentence which my Mary encloses, which must be erroneously transcribed from your [Mss]?

Letter to Philander Chase



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