Margaret Kenyon



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Margaret regrets that she won't see Chase again and sends gifts him from her sisters. She also sends her best wishes for his final departure from England.




Allegany Mountains, Mr. Jones’s Psalm June, voyage to America


Hoy Lake

July 15


Right Reverend and very dear Sir

My sisters and self are very desirous that before your final departure from England, you should know how deeply we have been interested with our affecting interview of to-day— and our gratification was exceeded only by the sorrow we felt, that such a meeting was the last and only one we could be permitted in this world with the Bishop of Ohio.

Believe me, very dear sir, our grateful and affectionate remembrances will follow you beyond the Allegany mountains, and when you think of your visit to this country, we should be proud if we might hope to be remembered as your very affectionate and warm admirers.

My sisters eah send a small keepsake— of which they beg your acceptance.

The one good Mr. Jones’s Psalm June, which you heard performed at hayland; and the other a purse of her own making: and may I beg to be called to remembrance, as a humble copyist when you look at the sketch of Mr. Jones?— My brother desires his very kindest wishes and remembrances, and says he has nothing else worth sending you.-

Farewell! Right Reverend and very dear Bishop Chase! May God bless and protect you, and prosper your labor of love! and grant us all to meet at length in that blessed state of existence, to which you so affectionately exhausted us to look forward!,— is the very fervent prayer of her, who is with high respect and real affection,

Right Reverend and very dear Bishop Chase

Your very grateful and obliged

humble servant,

Marg.T [E] Kenyon. --

Letter to Philander Chase



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