Philander Chase



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Chase is planning to return to America soon, but is being discouraged by Wiggin and Gambier. He encloses a letter for Lord Kenyon to send along to Mrs. Chase in America.




London, England


Lord Kenyon, Enland Voyage, Sophia Chase, Timothy Wiggin, Lord Gambier, London, Oxford


21 of June London

My Very Dear Lord,

On my arrival in town this day at 11 I found your Lordship’s knd letter with all the [inclusions] sent me at Oxford for Thursday and Friday. The post man though he had sent me letters yet [gent?] neglected me.

I came off on Saturday morning after a most agreeable visit to your Alma Mater the remembrance of the many civilities manifested towards myself and above all of the great interest taken in he cause of Ohio by the University of Oxford, will, I trust, never leave my conscious mind.

Since returning to town I have had much conversation with those best of Beings. The [?] respecting my speedy return to Ohio. Mr. Wiggin & Lord Gambier is against it. They say my work will be but half done; & that duty which prompted me to commence the work demands that I persevere in it to the final accomplishment. — But I have not time to enter on this question now —

I have only a few minutes to tell your Lordship that I love you and also to beg the favor of sending the inclosed letter #[About] The accompanying pamphlet to Mr/ Adam Hodgson Loverpool on any other person whom your Lordship knows will put it on board the first parket for New York.

Indeed I am [not] worthy of the commendation in this “letter”: but yet I have a great desire that my dear wife and the good Christians in Ohio may see it as soon as possible. I shall tell my wife that you, my Good Lord are my best friend; & she will know that I am yours most sincerely

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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