Philander Chase



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Chase wishes to return to America to see his family and Ohio before he misses another year.




London, England


England Voyage, Return trip, Sophia Chase, New Hampshire, Vermont, Lord Kenyon


London June 22 — 1824

My Very Dear Lord; —

Miss Macfarlane desires me after reading Lady Rosse’s letter to transmit it to her Miss Macfarlane as soon as may be: but permit that in passing it may be seen by your Lordship as well as my myself; this however in much confidence.

Mr Strutt the painter would have me sit again to day for a last touch at the picture — I hope it will do good.

Our conversations continue respecting the necessity of my leaving Engd for poor Ohio. We draw nearer and nearer to the point of determine to set sail on the 16 of July — This will not (as stated in your Lordship’s last inclosed paper) bring me in the ordinary course of God’s Providence to New York till the middle of August. From that time to the first of Sept I must be [?] making ready for the departure of my family and in visiting my brothers in N. Hampshire & Vermont (if them I can visit at all) The month of Sept is the only month with a part of Oct in which a family like mind can make 600 miles a from New York to Ohio and if I carr them not with me I can not go at all — & if I go not this winter One Whole year will be lost.

Against this hasty departure there is arranged all the reasons arising from the necessity of my presence t keep alive the interest in the Ohio Cause.

But can not this be supplied by the goodness and interest of the same in itself; especially when see forth by the powerful influence of its partons resident in Engd? — But more of this hereafter: Pray be assured of my permanent love and gratitude

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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