Philander Chase



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Chase and wife are sailing to New York; in case they get lost at sea he has his will written and a new agent appointed. He left the church in New Orleans with no bad feelings against him.




Reverend Jones; Joseph McNeil; Robert Burnside; Christ Church, New Orleans; William Sills; New York; church


New Orleans Apr. 22

My dear Brother,

Tomorrow, if it please God, we shall set sail for New York in the Brig Sally Cap. Niles. Before this reaches you therefore we shall either be in safety arrived at our place of destination or lost in the mighty waters - As soon as we step once more on our native shore you may rely on our writing to you and stating the probable time when you may expect us among you once more to embrace our dear Children parents and brothers and sisters.

Should we be lost you will find my will and some other papers which I wrote in great haste and directed to the care of Rev’d C[?] Jones New York; to be forwarded to you only in case “we see your face no more!”

In addition to what I therein wrote I now tell you that Mr. Joseph McNeil of this city of New Orleans Merchant is duely appointed my agent that in his hands are lodged for collection one note dated the 19 or 20th of Apr. 1811 of $275 payable in three months after date - and one of the same date and sum payable in six months and signed by Robert Burnside [?] to secure the pays of which there is a mortgage to the [?] Joseph McNeil as my agent on real property.

In the hands also of the [?] Mr. N. I have left my agent with the wardens and vestry of Christ church New Orleans allowed and countersigned by the Treasurer in which there is a balance due me of 1300, and some odd Dollars - besides $37 balance ag.d [?] Lilliman in a separate and private acc’t all of which no doubt he will do his best to collect: and [harassment] to the Rev’d C[?] Jones above named.

Nothing can be more affecting than my parting from my beloved purpose and friends in this place. Should you ever meet any of our serious and better sort especially the Communicants of our little Church [they] they will bear testimony that I have not disgraced my sacred profession or dishonored the name of my fathers. Not a tongue is lifted against me except those whose censure is a Christian prise - All is one bent of esteem and love - Why then did they not build a Church to worship [?] whose Minister I am? I know not. It is strange they were negligent - they were pressed by communal misfortunes, they did not believe I was in earnest in my demand reasonable and late as it was - like the rest of the world they prized not the blessings of Gospel privileges while they possessed them. Now indeed they see their error - and it is hoped they may be roused to do their duty - I carry with me ample testimony there I have thus far done [?]. This I say under the solemnity that this perhaps may be the last letter you’ll receive from

Your affectionate

Brother Phil. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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