Philander Chase



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Chase has given Lyman Harding $300, out of which he wants Dudley to pay $150 dollars to Dr. Gallup, $50 to Jedidiah Fay, and $100 dollars to Daniel Fay.




New Orleans, LA


Lyman Harding, Dr. Gallup; Jedebiah Fay, Daniel Fay, Poughkeepsie NY, education


New Orleans June 18 - 1809.

My dear Brother,

I have just time to inform you that I have delivered into the hand of Mr. Lyman Harding three hundred Dollars, which he promises to lodge in the U.P. Branch- bank in B[?] subject to your order, of which when done you will be advised by hime.

Out of this money I wish you would pay to Dr. Gallup of Woodstock one hundred and fifty dollars - when the term of three years which Mr. Jedediah Fay was to continue under his tuition, shall have been expired - and to Jedediah Fay himself Fifty Dollars, for his own use.

I have written to Mr. Dan. Fay my dear Father in law, that I will, if in my power, send him one Hundred Dollars a year for the purpose of helping him to educate his two younger sons - and to this end advised him to move into your neighbourhood to be near the Academy. If the plan should prove agreeable to his arrangements and wishes and he should move among you and if you have not an immediate use for the money, you would be adding to your character of Benevolence by loaning on my acc’t this little remaining sum of $100 to him till I can have the opportunity to look about me and find another opportunity of vending something more; which I trust will soon be the case.

I hope you have ere this attended to my affairs in Pough. and can say something about it in your next. Do write to me quickly.

My dear wife has been somewhat indisposed - but is now better. She has been very near going to see you this summer but has now deferred it till early next spring - when, deo volente, she will certainly go.

Embrace the dear Boys for us - [?] happiness is so interwoven with theirs that, I fear, “should any [?] befall them” we would not sustain i[?].

Our best love to all - all.

Farewell dear Brother

In great haste, I am your loving

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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