Philander Chase



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Both Chase's father and mother are ill and he grieves for them. He still desires his sons to live with him for a few years and study French and Spanish.




New Orleans, LA


Mary Chase, Polly, Daniel Fay, family, church


New Orleans May 30th 1809

My dear Sister,

Your letter of Nov 20th 1808 came to hand yesterday although late, yet like the evening shower after a thirsty day i[t] was indeed refreshing. It affected me exceedingly. Few things of the kind ever in the course of my life, came nearer my heart. You must look into your own tender heart to know the cause of this. The days of our infancy - where are they? The months and years we have past and play’d together - gone indeed - but so sensibly brought before my remembrance by the affection and flowing tide of fraternal love poured forth in your letters!! I thank you, dear Sister, I thank you.

The illness of our dear Mother and the forgetfulness of our hon’d Father had before came to me [through] various channels. Am I never to see them more? All my fortitude forsakes me when I think of it. Exiled as I was, born down by many losses, few things have contributed to make me even wish to live save a desire to do my duty and one more to see and to bless and to be blessed by my dear Parents and friends. This in part I fear is now denied me - My dear my honoured Father and Mother I shall see no more but in visiting the graves of my ancestors. O God thy will be done! Support us and banish every unavailing sigh at the dreadful ravages of Death by a full belief in that Resurrection of thy Blessed Son wherein Death was deprived of his [?] and the Grace of his dominion - This dear Sister is the sheet [?] to all our hopes. Once for all has this grand enemy and disturber of all our peace been foiled - once for all has he owned the power of a Rising and Conquering Saviour. And ever and anon is the promise made to us that if we die with him unto sin, we shall live with him, soul and body, in his eternal kingdom.

We were greatly delighted to hear of your health and prosperity. May God continue these blessings many many days. You ask for our prayers - you have and shall continue to have them. God is our witness how we have and still continue to ask for his choicest blessings on you. And do dear Sister let us make the same request of you. Of this every moment as I advance in life do I see the great necessity of the impotency of man - the necessity of divine grace, and of the unsatisfying nature of all earthly things.

Of our dear Sons we had had later [?] than the [?] of your letter would admit. Nevertheless that you see and converse with them frequently and love them and call them good boys give us much joy.

They will and must come to me for a few years. I can no longer exist without them. THey haunt my pillow by might and follow me in every path by day. Indeed I think in leaving them behind - even in the care of the best of Uncles and Aunts - I did not do well. But be that as it may - the time has come when I must see them ; and to this request of a Father who asks them only on a Loan for a few years - to learn and speak the French and Spanish Languages, their Uncle as dearly as he loves the lads with consent. To finish their education they [?] undoubtedly will, God permitting, return [?] Northward.

The health of Mrs. Chase is, I think, grown much better. She is certainly much more healthy this summer than she has been for [ma]ny years: [though] at times she is much com[?]. As to myself (let me mention it with [?] gratitude to the Author of all good things) I [?] was better. Present health as I can imagine con[tin]ues to attend me.

My worldly affairs are beginning [?] look for the better and we hope soon to [?] and ourselves from the difficulties consequent on our misfortunes. Our Church grows in number and wax [?] importance, so that we hope for the best. As to my going away the Congregation will not hear a word of it.

Your affectionate

Bro. Philander

I will thank you dear Sister to present my most affectionate compliments to your good husband - to brother Timothy and all friends.

To dear and hon’d Mr. and Mrs. Fay, my dear Parents in law make my [dutiful] and loving compliments. I have time I shall [?] them, the vessel that will carry this sail tomorrow.

Polly and I talk and dream of you all continually. Those dreams are sweet [?] but to wake and find them nothing more is equally painful.

Letter to Rachel Denison



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