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Wiggin received a protest of Hobart's proceedings, signed by Elijah Hayward, which should prove useful to Chase. List of new subscribers. The Warden advises that Chase make his school a Branch School. Wiggin believes that if it does become a Branch School, Chase will get more support from Bartlett's Buildings Society.




Manchester, England


England voyage, Bp. Hobart, Appeal, Mr. Johnson, Bartlett's Buildings Society, Mr. Allen, Elijah Hayward, Mr. Perry, Mr. Lodge, the Warden, Branch School


Manchester Feb 20 1824

My Dear Friend

I wrote to you on the 18th but it was dated back by mistake, and informed you of my proceedings up to that day. Yesterday I recd by the New York Packet a protest against Bishop Hobart’s proceedings in relation to your mission to England, signed by Elijah Hayward Secretary of the Warden and Vestry of Christ Church Cincinnati. This I trust will be useful to you in London, but if none in the country I shall therefore return it for the present. It is ably drawn up, but rather too warm. I have not recd any letter for you since my last nor have I heard further from London. I saw a Mr. Perry (to day) from Liverpool who told me you breakfasted with him when you were last in that town, and I am sorry to say that his opinion was that the cause did not meet with much encouragement there. He expressed very great surprise at its progress here, and I told him I thought much might be done in Liverpool if friends there would exert themselves. He said he believed Mr. Buddicomb was doing what he could, and that was all he knew about it. I hope my friend Mr. Lodge will aid the cause and if he should do so, his exertion will I trust be successful.

Yesterday I delivered a few more appeals, and interested several individually, some of whom promised me support. I was also successful in application for subscriptions and procured the following names and sums. James Brierly (one of our magistrates) 5 pounds. A fund to education (a [?]) 5 pounds. [Sean] Petty and [?] 5 pounds. Grundy and [Beandoe] 3 pounds. Fort Brt and Co. 2.20 pounds. Saml Brook 2.20 pounds. John Burton 1 pound. Today I called on three friends only for subscriptions and Thos and Robt Packer subscribed 5.50 pounds. Saml Stocks Jr. 2.20 pounds. And Francis Marriot 2 pounds.

I delivered some appeals and called on the Warden to learn whether any thing had occurred to alter his opinion, as I was told Mr. Johnson had said so, and he informed me it was unchanged and authorized me to say so. He told me he had recd a printed paper (and he supposed it came from Bartlett’s Buildings but did not know from whence it came) which expressed [regret] that there should be a disagreement between two dignitaries of the American Church and a hope that a reconciliation would be made, or some thing similar as near as I can recollect. This will have no influence here since the Warden disregards it. The Warden said he thought Bishop Hobart had better give up his opposition to your school, and to say that it should be assisted by the General institution when able, and in the mean time you should get what assistance you could and go on as well as you could, but that it would be best to make it a Branch School. He said nothing about its government, as he is a very judicious man I consider his opinion worthy of consideration, and I think you would readily accede to his plan. If Bishop Hobart will not meet you on this ground I think his conduct will be thought injudicious.

Saturday 21st- I have been engaged in my own business this day and have not done much besides. The Revd Mr. P[?] is unwell and confined to his bed but he gave me the name of one subscriber Joseph Todd 10 pounds. You will see me go on well here and I expect much more will be done. I have this day recd a letter from my friend Joseph Haigh Esq. Spring Wood near Huddersfield, and he informed me he had recd the appeals I sent him and had distributed them to the Vicar and to B. H. Allen Esq. and other friends. He desires you will make his house your home while at Huddersfield, and that you will let him know when you will be there, and he will invite the Vicar and Mr. Allen to meet you at dinner. He also desires me to come over and pay him a visit which I will do if I find I can leave home. You must not fail to let me know in time to give you the meeting. I am yet busy with the fellows of our Collegiate Church, Church Warden [?] and hope to get most of them to subscribe.

Your letter of the 20th dated at York gave me very great pleasure. The liberal donation of Rev. Mr. Dallin is strong evidence of the interest he took in the cause. I hope some other dignitaries of York Minister will be on your list of subscribers. I notice you remark that all things are coming right. This I believe, but in order that they may ultimately so, you must [have all] the donation made for Ohio so applied and have the Bishops in [?] for your governors, and the immediate discretion vested in the Bishop of Ohio. I trust you will adhere to these points, and have consent to make yours a Branch School. I have no doubt you will get these terms, and that they will be satisfactory to yourself and to the Committee. When these points are settled I trust the subscriptions will be more general and that Barlett’s Buildings people will give you support.

If this event should take place, some of the new appeals, with a long list of names of subscribers, would be of service to me, not so much for circulation, as for the purpose of shewing who supported the cause when I was soliciting donations. Thank God your reflections can never give you pain and I wish others could have the same consolation. All here join in best wishes with Dear Sir Yours sincerely

T. Wiggin

Letter to Philander Chase



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