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Bishop Hobart is in London and met with Pratt. Pratt told Hobart that Chase would agree to a connection of the Ohio School with the General Seminary, if the Convention of Ohio would have control of its own school. A memorandum of what was agreed upon Pratt and Hobart.




London, England


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17 Feb

Right Rev. and Dear Sir

I have received your favour of the 3rd from Derby and of the 11th from Leeds. Not being certain that you have received copies of the “Appeal” sent to Mr. Cox at Derby, I wrote to have them sent after you. Another parcel, containing 75 copies, being all that were left of the 500 printed, was sent, a few days since, to Mr. Gray, of York. I ordered a new edition of 500; and, of these, I hope 100 will go by to-night’s coach, to Mr. Dikes, of Hull; and I purpose to sent to-morrow 100 to Leeds. Please to give me notice of your future movements, that I amy send copies where they may be wanted.

But I have some important communications to make to you. Bishop Hobart is returned to London, and has been here some weeks. I did not know this till within these few days. Mr. Wilks then informed me that he had been with him, and that Bishop Hobart was desirous that arrangements of an amicable nature should be made. I accordingly called upon him yesterday, and had a full and [?] conversation with him. I assured him, that nothing would give you more pleasure than to be able to come to an amicable adjustment of all matters between you, and that I was quite willing to lay any proposal before you which might lead to this happy issue. It appeared that Mr. Marriott had made suggestions of this nature. I told Bp Hobart, that I conceived that you and your [friends] would readily agree to such a connection of the Ohio School with the General Seminary, as would leave the Convention of Ohio perfect masters of their own School, but that no [control] of the Trustees in New York would be [?] to. The Bishop agreed to this knowing your own ardent desire for peace and harmony, and looking at the spirit of your letter to Bishop White, I [?] to state as what I should suppose you would agree to what I have copied on the other side. Will you be so kind as to send me your views on the subject? Bishop Hobart will [reign] a [?] if these [vices] be accorded to, [situating] his [?].

I am ever, Rt Rev and Dear Sir,

Ever your affect. and faithful servant

Josiah Pratt


Feb 17th 1824


It is proposed that the Theological Seminary for the Diocese of Ohio shall be a Branch of the General Theological Seminary; but that its govern[ment], according to Regulations, to be drawn up by the Convention of Ohio, conformable to the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, shall be vested in that Convention - that the House of Bishops, as a [?] of the General Theological Seminary, shall have a V[?] Power over the Ohio School, and be authorized to see that it be conducted according to the appointed Regulations - that, of the Fund now raising in this country, two-thirds shall be appropriated to the establishment of the Ohio School, under the direction of the Convention of that Diocese; and that the remaining third shall be vested in the Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, to be applied to the uses of such [Products] in the General Theo. Sem., for the Diocese of Ohio as may be recommended by that Convention; and, in case of there being no such students in the General Seminary as not sufficient to exhaust that part of the Fund, to the uses of such Students intended for other parts of the Western [?] as the Trustees may approve.

It is further agreed, that, in case the General Convention and the Trustees of the General Seminary should not agree to the above arrangement, then two-thirds of the [?] fund shall be appropriated to the establishment of a Diocesan School in Ohio, and the remaining third be applied as before stated.

Letter to Philander Chase



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