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Bishop Hobart's offer to get Chase a branch school may be unavailing. He may also want to divide the subscriptions. Many subscribers would not have subscribed if the subscriptions were contained to one party. Wiggin includes a list of all of the subscribers he has procured and the amounts they give. Mr. Johnson has received an anonymous note from London which disapproves the subscription, and he may be using his influence against Wiggin.




Manchester, England


England voyage, Mr. Hayden, Bp. Hobart, George Marriott, Barlett's Buildings Society, branch school, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Wray, Mr. Johnson, Ohio, college


Manchester Feby 17 - 1824

My dear friend

Your favour of the 13th was recd on Sunday and I rejoiced to learn your prospects were so good at York. I wrote you a few days since, directed to the post office Hull, where I expected you would have been soon after its arrival. A letter for you, from Mr. Hayden, prepared me to expect that some singular [?]itions would be made to you, but they are of a more extraordinary character than I expected. I think you did not find much difficulty in answering them. I fancy I see in your reply a conciliatory spirit, strong evidence of a disposition to be confirmed by terms with Bp. Hobart, and an earnest desire to preserve the harmony and Unity of the Church, and a fixed determination to [?] such measures as would tend to the existence and utility of it. Such motives have guided you hitherto, and no change can be expected till you are convinced of some errors. If your friends can convince you that you have acted wrong and can furnish you with an improved plan you are open to consideration, and you will no doubt receive their communications and give them a [?] examination, and finally refer them to the committee who have undertaken to manage your cause in London. The offer of Bishop Hobart to use his influence to get you a Branch School may have been made with a friendly feeling, but I fear his influence would be unavailing, while the wants of his own Diocese are so great as he represents them. I think his proposal to divide the subscriptions cannot be acceded to for those made here were made for the support of a Theological school in Ohio and I have no right to give them to the New York seminary. If Mr. Marriott and other friends of the Bartlett's buildings society should wish your school to be Branch I trust you will not object to it provided the Bishop of Ohio for the time being should have the entire management of it subject to the control of the Bishop of the United States only, but in that case all the funds raised here for Ohio must go to the support of that school. If any gentleman should be willing to aid both institutions, a division of such subscriptions might be made as the donor might direct. You are not trying to injure any institution or individual, but to promote the best interests of the Church, and while your proceedings have this tendency you have a right to expect Bishop Hobart’s influence in your favours, and you can have nothing to fear from him. In fact he has not been noticed individually in our proceedings nor do I see any necessity for it now. Your character in America must depend on the correctness of your own conduct, and while you are conscious you are acting correctly his threats cannot affect you. I am anxious you should retain the good opinion of Mr. Marriott, and hope your cause will be supported at Bartlett’s buildings. Lord Kenyon’s subscription has had a good influence here. The Revd Mr. Wray of the Collegiate Church has become a subscriber for 2 pounds and I think he would not have subscribed if the subscriptions had been confined to one party. Other subscriptions have had the same feelings. I will do all I can do aid the cause, but I fear my influence will not extend much beyond this town. I have written to my friend Joseph Haigh Esq. of Springwood near Huddersfield that you would call on him, and I have desired him to introduce you to some religious friends in that Neighbourhood and I have sent some appeals to him for distribution. I hope he will be of service to the cause and that it will be supported there. In regard to Mr. Pratt’s wish for names of Country subscribers I give you those on my own book, but the sums subscribed have not been [?] generally and of course they cannot be reunited. He can publish the names of subscribers in his new edition of the [?] if he thinks proper, but it will not be of any [?] now, as I have done distributing them [?] since my last, directed to you at Leeds. I have [?] got many subscriptions but have several [?] under 5 pounds. I hope the whole amount will not be less than 300 pounds here. The subscriptions are as follows, on my book, and the CLergy have some, but they are mostly small sums.

T. Wiggin - 50 pounds The very Revd T. Calvert DD (Warden) - 5.00

Mrs. Wiggin - 10 Revd J. Smith DD - 3.00

P. H. Wiggin - 10 Revd Saml Booth A. M. - 5.00

Miss Wiggin - 5 Revd C. D. Wray - 2.00

Miss C. Wiggin - 5 Geo. Hardfield - 5

S. R. Brooks - 5 Thos. Worthington - 5

E. W. [Toroner] - 5 Saml Hooks - 5

B. M. Chase - 10 John Chippindall - 5

T. C. Worsley - 5. 5. Butterwroth and Brooks - 5

Edwd Loyd - 5 John Kennedy - 5

Thos. [Walkim] 5 Thos Cardwell - 3

Danl Grant - 5 Wood and [?] - 2

Mo. Candwell - 3.00 ------------------------

Thos. S[?] - 3.00 170.50

Richd [Clogy] - 3.00

[?] Brooks - 2.20

I understand Mr. Johnson is using his influence against me, and that he has persuaded the fellows of our church not to subscribe. He says he has recd a letter from London which disapproves of it, but he says it is anonymous. I could say much more but will not now. I go on very well in getting subscribers as you will see by the list.

These are the names of those subscribers that I have procured. Many small sums have been collected by the Clergy, and some by me that are [?]. I have only to add my best wishes to you and the cause and remain sincerely yours

T. Wiggin

[Your instruction respecting letters shall be attended to]

Letter to Philander Chase



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