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Details of Chase's new acquaintances at Leeds. The Vicar of Chesterfield has proposed donating books to Chase.




England voyage, Reverend Hill, Appeal, Reverend Sutton, Reverend William Vale, Reverend Best, Dr. Smith, George Marriott, Lord Gambier, Intrepid Morse, Manchester, England, Dr. Calvert, Mr. Montgomery, Henry Cox


Leeds Tuesday night

Feb 10th 1824

My very dear Friend;

I arrived here this afternoon; and thankfully recd your three good letters. I can not tell you how much their contents delighted me and caused my gratitude to the good God afresh to flow. All is in mercy ordered to bless our dear Church in the Wilderness.

The excellent [?] of Chesterfield the Rev. Mr. Hill to his most liberal present of books and his kind hospitality at the Vicarage, added the great favour of his company to Sheffield; and that of introducing me to the Vicar of that place the Rev. Mr. Sutton - to the Rev. Mr. Vale and to the Rev. Tho. Best.

With the Rev. Mr. Vale I became intimately acquainted having been, while in Sheffield, his guest, from Friday morn. to Monday morning. The interest in favr of our cause was as great as the short time since reading the Appeal would permit. From what was said and done I think something considerable will be done. Some few valuable books were presented and committed to the cause of Mr. Vale; and several subscriptions all of 5 pounds were, as Mr. V. mentioned to me, promised. But the subject wants more time and a few more “appeals.” A dozen sent to the Rev. Mr. William Vale I think would do good. Do not you know some of the American merchants of that place? If you do, and think it advisable, perhaps it is now a favourable time to write to them. But this is only a hint, of which you are the best judge. I became acquainted, in a small party at dinner at Mr Vales on Monday, with the Poet Montgomery: he is very much interested in our cause.

A letter from Mr. Henry Cox of Derby was the means of my introduction to Mr. T. S. B. Reade of this place. Thro’ him, I have already had an introduction to Dr. Hay, and the Rev. Mr. Walker. Tomorrow it is hoped I may become acquainted with the Vicar [?]. A letter from the Warden of Manchester would be of great service to me here as the principal men are of his standing. Would not Dr. Calvert do you and your friend the favour to drop a line to some one in this town on the subject? If so it would demand my most grateful acknowledgements. Pray make my most respectable acknowledgements acceptable to him and to Dr. Smith.

My plan of arrangements as to the places I am to visit before I see you I will tell you in the morning after having been at the P. Office.

Wednesday 11th.

This morning I had the pleasure of breakfasting with Mr. Jackson at Mr. Reade’s. While we were taking after the repast, I recd thro’ the Post office a letter from Mr. George Marriott of Queen Square London. It is confidential and as soon as I am at liberty I will make known to you its contents. I can now say what I have always said that the way of peace is the way to God’s blessing. W[?] is attempted now to be secured is what has always been sure [?] the unity of the American Church to all interests of the Constitution and canons of the same. I have only to refer those who doubt of this to the Instrument of Donation in the hands of Lord Gambier.

I intend by the leave of Providence to go to Roberttown a little village about ten miles from this to deliver Mr. Morse's letter and shall return hither tomorrow morning. My plan then is to go to York and thence to Hull - thence back to Leeds by the steam packet. When here again I shall write to you as to the precise time I will be at Halifax and Huddersfield. From the latter place [?] Huddersfield I shall, I sincerely pray, have the pleasure of meeting you again in Manchester, also all our dear Friends; to whom I beg you, in the mean time, to remember me most affectionately.

I have seen the Brit. Review and am glad. [?]

Ever your’s

Phil. Chase

Letter to Timothy Wiggin



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