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Crawley updates G.W. Marriott of the Bishop's visit to Stowe.




Stowe, England voyage, Philander Chase


Ch. Crawley to G. W. Marriott May the 3 -- 1824

My dear Sir

I can answer nothing to what you so kindly communicate to me of the good Bishop’s happiness at Stowe -- but that I used his best endeavour to collect such a party as would be both agreeable & beneficial to him & I am not a little delighted to think that I succeeded so well in the former & hope it may not prove useless in the letter. I am very much pleased to hear that this noble work, as you very properly call it, goes on so prosperous. Lady Ross’s bounty does her great honor & she has expressed herself like a devout woman, one who does honor to the Christian cause & I heartily hope, her generosity, will excite others to go & do likewise.

All my friends expressed themselves highly delighted with their [entertainment]. (I dont mean w’th. the meat that perisheth.) Every-one of my guests were full in his praises & astonished at his ability, at the same time to delight & instruct. Mr [Speman] said to me when he went from Stowe he hoped to meet again [soon] to talk over the good Bishop’s conversation. Surely there never was a man better suited to the exalted Station to w’ch he is appointed & I look upon it more especially as an act of divine Providence.

I am indeed very proud of the honor the Bishop has done me in both his visits to Stowe & hope, by what you say, to see him again both in going to & returning from Ireland. I should have been very [reprieved] in respect to my right reverend [guest] had I permitted him to go from my home, however early, without biding him farewell & receiving his blessing & both my daughters fully intended themselves the same [?] -- But Mary had a bad headache -- of [?] -- tho’ she had got herself quite ready, & seriously looked for the honor, was unfortunately deprived of it conceiving that he would not leave us before 5 ‘o’ clock & she was quite mortified when she came down far too late; for the carriage tho’ within sight did not hear our call. We [hollered] so vehemently till we came to the farm house to cause Robert who [slept] [there] to pop his head out the window in his shirt & night cap, to know what was the matter.

I am sorry to say this unfortunate disturbance put it into his head to leave early before breakfast [as] he said he would have done but for an indispensable engagement. -- I am glad however to tell you that he promises to be a better neighbor [in] future. He did not forget to give William the [extract] from [of] memorandum [?] desire to write in kinder remembrance to you & M’rs [Marriott] [?] [3’d W 220.]

With yours most truly

Ch W Crawley


I delivered B’p [Bower’s] letter to [my] [Brother] & I [?] he has sent in to you. We have a copy of it.

B[?] is going to Town tomorrow & inland to [take] with him the books he proposed in his letter to the Bishop –

I hope he will contrive to see you- I know he will call at my Daughters in [Rutford] but I forgot to ask him where he w’d be when in Town – he will [?] B’p Chase.

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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