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Dr. Burney apologizes for his delay in answering Marriott's letter as he has been very busy.




My dear sir,

I am really quite ashamed of [?] timing long since acknowledged your very kind letter, & its enclosures. My [?] have been [?]; my holidays are just about to begin, & my whole life -- from morning to night -- for the last fortnight, has been one long uninterrupted procession of bother and distraction. Pray pardon, then, my apparently rude and often [?] silence.

I am not thankless however: & truly as I have been, I have yet found time to read the letter, & to read it with attention, & [?], and satisfaction. It cannot but do good, & as it seems to me, it only does justice.

The two copies for Mr. H. I am told have been duly delivered. I am just off to [?] for a day or two, I shall think often and most agreeably of our last meeting there.

Adieu, adieu. Ever very truly yours,

Charles Burney

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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