Josiah Chase



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Pratt wishes Chase a quick recovery and discusses the business and agreement process between church affiliates.






England voyage, Philander Chase Jr., Timothy Wiggin, Manchester, England, Appeal, George Marriott, Reverend Wheaton, Bp. Hobart, Lord Kenyon


London, March 22nd 1824

Right Rev. & Dear Sir

We heard, with much concern, of your indisposition, and of the [while] hope which you entertain of again meeting your beloved Son in this world. May God of His goodness graciously support you under every trial! I wrote, a few days since, to M. Wiggin, as I was not certain but that you could have left Manchester before my Letter would arrive; which, from yours of the 20th from Ockbrook, received this morning, appears to have been the case. Your Letter gives us much pleasure in reporting your better health, and I trust we shall see you in London much recovered. I send, by the Coaches of this evening, as you desired, 50 Appeals to the Rev. R.B. Stewart, Nottingham. 50 to the Rev. G.B. Mitchell, Leicester, and 50 to the Rev. M. Marriott, Cotesbach, near Lutterworth. You, or some friend, will explain, I suppose, to these Gentlemen, the object of sending them, if you should not yourself see them all. One Letter only is come for you; it is enclosed. I suspect, indeed, that M. Wheaton will send a Letter to be enclosed in this parcel, but it is not yet come. He was with me this morning, and expressed much desire that an agreement should be come to on the part of yourself, Bishop Hobart, and himself, by which all things might proceed amicably, and dissention in America prevented. The [outline] is, that the [Contribution] given to the Ohio Seminary, or the Connecticut College, or the General Theological Seminary, up to the date of the agreement, shall be appropriated to those respective institutions; but that [?] that time a joint appeal shall be made to the pious in this country of the American Church, and that the proceeds of such Appeal shall be divided equally among the three Institutions, but that if such equal division shared not add enough to the Ohio [subscription] to make it 10,000 dollars, than that soon should be made up out of the [?] of the other two Institutions. M. Wheaton tells me that Bishop Hobart will agree to this plan. If so, it might send, while it would [serve] your more immediate object, to provide for peace and harmony. But as you are now on your way to London, this can be finally settled when you arrive. Bishop Hobart is, however, I believe, on the point of visiting the [?].

I am happy to hear that Lord Kenyon subscribes. I have not received the Lists from York, Keele, Leeds, & other places; so that I cannot yet print any names. We have laid the foundation [?] of the Fund by purchase £300 [?].

My family all write with me in the most respectful & affectionate regards. Mrs. Jewell, our mother, has been confined to her bed for a month; her recovery is doubtful, but her faith [firm] and her mind happy in Christ her Savior.

I am ever, Right Rev. & Dear Sir,

Very faithfully yours

Josiah Pratt

Letter to Philander Chase



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